Every day I’m hustlin’: Urban Fiction eBooks & audiobooks

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Thugs. Drug deals gone awry. Passionate romance. Readers can find all of these things and more in the popular urban fiction genre. Urban fiction, also known as “street literature” or “hip-hop lit,” acts for some as a depiction of inner-city life that other books don’t represent; for others, as a fun and sensational guilty pleasure…. Read more »

Update: Online Marketing Kits

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OverDrive is happy to announce that the latest refresh of the Online Marketing Kits for public libraries, schools and colleges are all live!  When you access the Online Marketing Kit on the left hand side you are able to select whether you’d like to see tools for public libraries, schools or colleges.  Once you make… Read more »

Happy Brovember! Celebrating eBooks by siblings

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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German academics who were known for their folklore and stories, which were gathered and published amongst the several collections of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Much like the two authors of this post, the Grimm’s were respected and admired as separate entities but they were best known for their works as a… Read more »

Keeping Students engaged with your School Download Library- Part 1

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Public libraries’ and school libraries’ audiences vary completely.  Public libraries have an audience that is captive, one in which patrons come to the library specifically to use the resources available to them.  Public libraries don’t ever have to convince their patrons to read, it’s just a matter of getting them the materials in a convenient… Read more »

Stunt Memoirs: Gimmicky eBooks Too Good to Resist

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Humorous memoirs are my favorite genre.  I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve seen David Sedaris on his speaking tour five times. For some authors though, instead of writing about their already interesting lives, they purposely attempt to make their lives interesting and then write about the results.  Enter my second favorite genre: the stunt memoir,… Read more »

November eBook and audiobook sales

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November is a month where many people take time to stop and appreciate the blessings in their lives.  With all the sales going on, those people will have an opportunity to be even more thankful!  From Christian Fiction to Sci-Fi, library selectors can sift through a cornucopia of deals to grow their bountiful eBook and… Read more »