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A fantastic campaign started one year ago in April of 2014 to address the lack of children’s literature with diverse voices. It is called We Need Diverse Books. Ellen Oh, the President of the organization, said “Armed with statistics, we knew that the lack of diverse narratives had a direct correlation to our country’s literacy… Read more »

Streamline purchasing: Updates to carts for expiring Metered Access titles

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Managing your Metered Access content and keeping up with user demand can be a challenge. We’re committed to simplifying this process, and saving you time and effort on repurchasing expiring Metered Access titles. Earlier this year, we introduced features to assist selectors with shopping and reporting for Metered Access content. To build on that, we’ve… Read more »

Movies you can only stream at your library: Warner Brothers edition!

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Recent studies show that two in five American households subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix. This highlights the steady growth in popularity and high demand of streaming content, where consumers are looking for instant entertainment. With OverDrive’s streaming video collection, the library can offer the community another streaming option. By adding streaming video… Read more »

Librarian’s Share: Providing learning tools for the staff

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(Ed. Note: This post was written by Cathy Daane of the Madison Metropolitan School District and discusses how they trained their staff and provide them with easy access to answers about their OverDrive service.) When the Madison Metropolitan School District decided to start an OverDrive collection for all of their patrons, one of the concerns… Read more »