Recommended Lists for May

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May is always a very exciting month here at the OverDrive headquarters in Cleveland. Spring is officially here and it seems like there is always an occasion to commemorate or celebrate. The events and observances of May also make for great library programming! For your convenience, we have created some collections. Check out these fun… Read more »

Learn about the newest formats available from OverDrive with our latest hot topics webinars!

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Over the past year OverDrive has been dedicated to helping you maximize the value of your digital library by enabling you to offer your users a multi-media experience all on one platform. Your patrons can borrow eBooks and audiobooks as they’ve always been able to but now they can also stream their favorite movies and… Read more »

Using the OverDrive app with the Apple Watch

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As you may have heard, Apple made some news recently by adding a new product to their line of devices, the Apple Watch. Wearable technology has been trending lately ever since fitness trackers like the FitBit and the Nike+ Fuelband became popular and Apple has joined the market by providing a watch that pairs with your… Read more »

The next Reader’s Advisory project is coming soon!

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We’re excited to invite your library and/or school to participate in OverDrive’s next Reader’s Advisory project. The project offers hand-picked titles to help users discover new favorites, leading to increased reader engagement and circulation for libraries. In March, libraries that participated in the Reader’s Advisory initiative and curated the Read-Alike collection for OverDrive’s Big Library… Read more »