A Few Excellent Reasons to Consider the Simultaneous Use Model

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By Liz Tousey, Librarian and Collection Development Analyst with OverDrive All publishers and titles menitoned in this article are available here. OverDrive’ Simultaneous Use lending model allows you to circulate unlimited copies of a chosen titles or set of titles concurrently, for the length of your selected plan. The length of most plans is one year, but… Read more »

An updated version of the OverDrive app for iOS is now available

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On Sunday, OverDrive released v3.5.2 of our iOS app, which resolves some of the issues that users encountered after upgrading to v3.5 in early February. This new version also includes: Displaying “Part x of y” in the audiobook player (added back based on user feedback) More specific and helpful error messaging, especially for issues with Adobe eBooks… Read more »