Get students reading with March Madness Book Brackets

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By: Christina Samek, Marketing Specialist. Welcome to 2018! For some of you this is the start of a new quarter or semester and nice deep breath after the craziness of preparing for the holidays. Perhaps you’ve made resolutions for a new classroom culture, or perhaps it’s as simple as resolving to read more books (which we… Read more »

Beat Reader Rebellion with planning and organization

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By: Tiffany Wincek, Account Specialist. I wanted to read 50 books in 2017. I read 11. Eleven! That’s not even one book a month! For many, finishing 11 books in a year might be a great achievement, but it’s far below my typical average. Last January I wrote about resolving to read, yet I failed… Read more »

How Mid-Continent Public Library uses training to create eBook experts and reach new circulation goals

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A key component to the success of a digital service is awareness. We’re proud of the the apps, websites and products we create as well as the world class content we provide, but if library patrons aren’t aware that digital reading is an option to them it doesn’t matter how great the experience is. We… Read more »

Congratulations to the Digital Dash winners!

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By: Melissa Marin, OverDrive Marketing Specialist The Digital Dash challenge wrapped up 2017 helping our partners across the world set record numbers in eBook and digital audiobook checkouts. We are proud to announce 18 lucky winners randomly chosen from libraries that hit or exceeded their Digital Dash goals: 100% to goal: 10 winners of a… Read more »

Add Fire and Fury to your digital collection and bypass the backorders

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Fire and Fury, the instant #1 bestseller by Michael Wolff about the current White House administration, is having quite a moment in the zeitgeist. After selling out its first printing of 150,000 copies, readers around the world are struggling to find copies of the enormously popular book. Macmillan is currently working through backorders for another… Read more »

Meet the K-12 Newsletter team

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When the school year kicked off in fall 2016, so did the K-12 Newsletter from OverDrive Education. Every month, we take to the whiteboard in the Shakespeare conference room to carefully choose themes, brainstorm collection lists and discuss the most pressing topics of the moment in education. Not everything makes it to the newsletter, but… Read more »