Before cell phones and television, families would huddle around the radio every night to listen to everything from news broadcasts, to music, to dramatic stories.  Every August 20th we honor this important entertainment outlet with its own day…National Radio Day.  For more than 100 years radio programs have entertained and informed, and now many of these popular programs from the past and present are offered as digital downloads in the audiobook format.

For patrons that are interested in radio programming, Matrix Media offers a series of popular radio programming that is available in maximum access in both WMA and MP3 audiobook.  This inexpensive maximum access plan allows unlimited simultaneous use by patrons.  Each program offers from 20-50 shows that discuss different topics.  Programs include:

  • Ageless Lifestyles with Dr. Michael Brickey
  • Communications 360 with Philip & Lisa Mulford
  • Family Matters with Tracey Serebin
  • How to Live Cancer-Free with Bill Henderson
  • My Thin Lifestyle with Karen Bentley
  • Radio MD with Dr. Mike Esposito, M.D.

Several other popular radio outlets offer programming in the form of audiobook digital download.

National Public Radio offers many great titles such as Stories that Take You Away, Radio Stories That Won’t Let You Go, and This I Believe.

BBC Audiobooks offers a large selection of Radio Collections featuring programs such as Torchwood, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, Round the Horne, and Doctor Who.

The Colonial Radio Theater on Air also offers complete radio dramas of classic literature and historical tales such as Gettysburg and Pirate Legends.

Other great radio dramas include:

  • Star Wars
  • Radio Shakespeare
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Original CBS Radio Broadcast of War of the Worlds
  • The Yiddish Radio Project

Radio has been so important in the lives of so many, so on this day, August 20, celebrate in your own way…blast music from your stereo, listen to the ball game, or sit down and enjoy some classic radio dramas that always seemed to bring stories to life, all done without anything but words.

These titles and many others can be found in Content Reserve under Radio Programs.

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