Children’s characters and television shows resonate with every generation; for me it was Fraggle Rock, The Care Bears, Muppet Babies and of course The Berenstain Bears.  What kid would not want to have a chance to live in a real treehouse?  It’s not very suprising that such a beloved family of bears are still enjoyed by children today.  Fortunately, there is still an opportunity for children to watch their favorite characters and learn important lessons such as sharing, good manners, and honesty.

New children’s video supplier, Visual Education Centre Limited, Canada’s largest distributor of audio visual titles, offers over 370 new juvenile video titles.  Series include: The Berenstain Bears, Franklin, The Magic School Bus, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, George Shrinks, A Bunch of Munsch, and more!

NCircle Entertainment has recently added additional children’s video titles such as Word World, Dive Olly Dive!, and Will & Dewitt.  With these great new videos, children have the chance to learn new words, follow friendly animals around a busy town, or board a magic school bus with Ms. Frizzle.  Don’t miss the chance to add some great new children’s video titles that entertain as well as educate.

A complete list of great new juvenile video titles can be found in Content Reserve.

*Please note that title availability may vary by geographical location.

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  1. Flora

    Oh, how disappointing that none of these titles are offered for Malaysia!