When we ask our libraries what additional content could enhance the value of the download service, one of the most popular answers we hear is manga eBook content.  We listened and are very excited to announce the addition of TOKYOPOP manga–now available to add to your Virtual Branch!

With the popularity of manga growing, we wanted to enhance our knowledge of manga content including answering questions such as: What is manga?  Simply put, manga is a Japanese comic book drawn in black and white, usually part of a series, that reads ‘backwards’ right to left.

To learn more, TOYKYOPOP offers a Librarian’s Guide to Manga, which is a great resource for finding out about manga and why it is important to libraries. Some interesting points include:

  • Librarians have found that carrying manga is a great way to encourage reluctant readers (often male) to come into the library and start reading.
  • Manga encourages readers to learn about other cultures.
  • Manga also has strong appeal to teens and 20-somethings, age groups that are sometimes overlooked or underserved in the library.

Not sure about which titles or age groups to start with? TOKYOPOP offers a rating system as a guideline to determine what titles are appropriate for what audience.

Check out Content Reserve Marketplace for suggested collection lists of the new Manga content!

*Please note that title availability may vary by geographical location

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