Historical fiction is among the most heavily circulated genres of literature.  It takes a special author, and a great amount of research, to recreate a story set in a specific time period.  When done properly, these titles can evoke such emotion and memory that time travel almost becomes possible.

Ken Follett, author of the beloved The Pillars of Earth set in the Middle Ages (recently turned into a mini-series), is back, but this time he’s tackling a different historical setting.  Follett is back with the Century Trilogy, which begins with book one, Fall of Giants, set to be released on September 28.  The historical epic follows the fate of five interrelated families from America, Germany, Russia, England, and Wales. (The magnitude of the plot is already earning it starred reviews.) This trilogy will take the families through the struggles and triumphs of World War I, women’s suffrage, and other great events of the 20th century.  Rich characters and excellently researched history promises to be bring about a best-selling trilogy, cherished for generations.

Two versions of the trailer for this heavily anticipated historical fiction title have been produced. The US version views much like a documentary that would air on the History Channel or PBS.  It shows gripping video and imagery from the early 20th century and evokes emotion that excites historical literature lovers all over the world.


While shorter in length, the UK and Commonwealth version of the trailer comes from a different perspective.  It begins from the voice of a character in the novel and turns suspenseful through image and sound.  This trailer is very effective in roping in potential readers and inducing emotion that is often felt through historical epics.


As a historical literature lover, I am counting down the days until Fall of Giants release (29 days to be exact), and also fully expecting that sometime in the near future I will be sitting in a theater watching it on the big screen.

Lindsey Levinsohn is a collection development specialist for OverDrive.

One Response to “Ken Follett’s FALL OF GIANTS – Historical fiction’s newest blockbuster”

  1. Lynne Beaupré-Fascinato

    I love the concept of trailers for books. Anything to promote reading is a good thing. I like the UK version for this novel much better than the US. Glad to see Ken Follett has written another Historical Fiction!