Today, on Presidents Day, we celebrate our past leaders. Only 43 men have taken the oath of office, promising to lead our great nation, and their legacy lives on through the thousands of stories about them. Among some of the most recent biographical works on past presidents:

My Father at 100, by Ron Reagan, takes an intimate look at his father’s life as a popular American president.

Decision Points, by George W. Bush, is a first-hand account of the critical decisions that shaped this controversial president’s time in office.

Colonel Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris, follows a detailed account of Theodore Roosevelt’s life, adventure, and presidency.

Washington, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Ron Chernow, outlines in detail the life of the nation’s first president.

Our current president has quickly become one of the most popular in history, joining the ranks of Abraham Lincoln and JFK.  Barack Obama is passionate about reading and has been releasing his book picks to the media, among them are Hot, Flat and Crowded, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, The Way Home and John Adams.

These, and many other great presidential reads, are available in Content Reserve.

*Title availability may vary due to geographic location.

Lindsey Levinsohn is a collection development specialist for OverDrive.

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