The ladies are loose, the men are scoundrels and someone almost always gets snuffed in a high intensity gunfight. What’s not to love? It’s been more than 60 years but the pulp crime genre that permeated the 1930s and 40s is still going strong. Thanks to SRS Internet Publishing and Gate Way Publishers you can revisit the stories that started it all.

The vintage pop art covers make these books easy to spot. Look for scantily clad ‘dolls’, hardboiled ‘tough guys’ and over the top titles.

‘The Corpse that Walked’ by Octavus Roy Cohen -Alan Douglas needs a get rich quick and Lew Hartley has just the solution. For a cool $100 grand Douglas agrees to ‘wear’ Hartley’s face, live Hartley’s life and love Hartley’s woman. Sounds easy but Hartley lives a dangerous life and now Douglas is paying for his crimes.

‘Cry Tough’ by Irving Shulman- Mitch is still a kid, fresh out of reformatory school and he’s ready to forget everything he’s learned. He reconnects with his old gang, the Amboy Dukes, and continues the life that got him kicked into reform school in the first place. He wants the fast life: Cadillac convertibles and a broad on each arm. But the Amboy Dukes aren’t as keen on Mitch as they used to be and now it looks like Mitch’s fast life is going to run him over.

‘High Red for Dead’ by: William L. Rohde-Mohawk Daniels knows his way around a railroad track. He’s sick of the scum bag operators trying to make a quick buck. Workers are being fired and the railroads are on the decline. Tensions are thick and bodies are starting to pile up. Daniels has to work quick to solve the murders and protect the doll who’s stolen his heart before they’re next.

Christina Bernecker is a training associate at OverDrive.

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