Nina Bloom is in over her head. She has created what appears to be the nearly perfect life: a single mother who works her way up the corporate ladder as a lawyer in the competitive city of New York. She has lied to everyone about her past, including her daughter, Emma.

What Emma, and everyone else, doesn’t know, is that Nina used to be Jeanine, a beautiful carefree college student who partied in Key West for spring break with her friends. While there, she sees her boyfriend, Alex, getting cozy with her best friend and she panics. She grabs the keys to Alex’s car and speeds down the highway, young and drunk. She hits a man and kills him. The cop who arrives on the scene takes one look at Jeanine and decides to help her cover up the accident. Jeanine turns her life over to Peter, who she believes is her savior. When Peter’s true colors start to show, Jeanine runs for her life, and is picked up while hitchhiking by a man known as the Jump Killer. She escapes him, too, and runs all the way to NYC where she creates a new life and a new name.

Years later, an innocent man is about to be executed for the Jump Killer’s crimes. Nina knows the identity of the real killer and can’t let this man pay for his offenses. She returns to Florida to confront the murderer she fled. What she finds is that the bigger threat might be the man she thought she once knew everything about…

James Patterson delivers one of his most suspenseful novels yet in Now You See Her (out tomorrow in audiobook), with a drama filled blend of action and fear. We learn that you can trust no one, not even yourself. And the people we trust the most may turn out to be the worst of all.

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