We all remember our first love, but what happens when you realize that your first love has become the one who got away? As a teen, Erin Edwards fell deeply in love and lust with Nate Lawson. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but her youthful lack of commitment and self control cost her Nate—and the only relationship she truly wanted.

In Always Something There to Remind Me (audiobook out tomorrow), we meet Erin, a content, accomplished professional and single mom. She is an event planner, and although she does not particularly enjoy the stubborn, spoiled 16-year-olds whom she is throwing birthday parties for, she takes pleasure in her success. She is also comfortable with her handsome boyfriend. But when he asks her to marry him, the first name to enter her mind is Nate Lawson. Erin finds herself becoming unraveled, swallowed by intense and melodramatic thoughts of what could have been. The more she tries to forget her first love, the more she wonders, “What if?”

Author Beth Harbison takes readers on a journey through Erin’s flashbacks to her teenage years, when the love she shared with Nate was abundant, tremendous and irresistible. Sexy, steamy scenes set the tone for emotional misunderstandings and miscommunications that are ever present in adolescent relationships.

Any woman who has ever wondered about “the one who go away” and if that one was truly “The One,” will identify with Erin in Always Something There to Remind Me. Filled with longing, love, and ultimately hope, readers are reminded to believe in the power of true love. To add Always Something There to Remind Me, or any other Hot Title, visit Content Reserve today.

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