Yesterday our Digital Library Blog hosted a special guest blogger named Sasha, a 13-year-old who took us through the newest installment of the Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus series, entitled The Son of Neptune. In honor of her great work, we’re kicking off the Most Downloaded blog post for the month of October juvenile style: with a popularity contest.

While Neptune does not yet occupy a spot on the juvenile lists, practically every other title Rick Riordan has written is on there. RR once again battles The Hunger Games and Twilight for the top spot worldwide, so make sure the stranglehold isn’t carrying over to your library’s waiting list!

Another trend for Juvenile content is reflective analysis.  We see titles that examine the lives of literary characters (The Girl Who Was on Fire No. 5 in Canada), role models in sports and industry (Soul Surfer Devotions and Steve Jobs No. 8 and 9, respectively, on the US list), celebrity crushes (Justin Bieber No. 9 in Canada), and even a semi-autobiographical title about a real life Disney Princess (Chinese Cinderella No. 4 in Australia). 

We also saw three editions of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul welcomed to the UK list for eBook nonfiction at No. 5, 6 and 7, rounding out a very philosophical month for young readers across the globe.

Sandra Brown’s thriller, Lethal, made an outstanding debut in the US (No. 6) and Canadian (No. 8) fiction audiobook categories this month, while the United Kingdom (Bite Club at No. 7 for eBooks, The Coffin Trail No. 10 for eBooks and  Gamble at No. 9 for Audiobooks) and Australia (Cowboys & Aliens No. 10 for Audiobooks, Before I Go to Sleep, The Secret River No. 3 and 8, respectively, for eBooks) each welcomed a trio of newbie’s to their fiction lists.

Nicholas Sparks (The Best of Me No. 7 Audiobook in Canada) remains relevant with one very popular title; and Tess Gerritsen (Thief of Hearts at No. 2 in Australian Audiobooks and Keeper of the Bride at No. 7 among UK eBooks) thinks that if one popular title is good, two is better; as she sees her downloads increase overseas.  Not to be outdone, John Grisham (The Litigators at No. 3 US and No. 4 Canadian audiobook, The Confession at No.5 Canadian eBook, The Innocent Man at No. 9 Audiobook in the UK) chalks up three more “most downloaded” titles to his impressive resume.

The real story of the month, however, is Bill Bryson, who managed to contribute four titles to our most downloaded nonfiction audiobook list, including At Home, which holds the number one spot on that list in the United Kingdom as well as Australia.  Bryson spent more than 30 years living in Britain, which may explain the mutual affinity that catapulted his recent success in that market.  His other most downloaded titles include humorous travel literature Notes from a Big Country, Journeys in English and Neither Here Nor There, which can be found at No. 3, 4 and 5 on the UK Nonfiction Audiobook list.

The popularity contest for November is underway at Content Reserve!

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Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.



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  1. Marcie

    Are these just juvenile statistics? I have been wondering about the adult statistics for a while.