Ask and you shall receive!

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Bonus, OverDrive is overjoyed to announce new features to the Holds Manager plan.  Holds Manager has gone through the wringer, ‘Extreme Makeover’ style, and is being reintroduced with several significant upgrades! The changes, will make it easier than ever to shorten waiting lists and add to library collections without necessitating any extra work by selectors.

The first change being implemented to Holds Manager is the capability to set up separate plans for each format. Libraries are now able to set a specific hold ratio, frequency and budget plan for eBooks, audiobooks, music and video; all of which can be added, edited or deleted at any time.

Another exciting new feature of Holds Manager is the ability to have a cart created for review rather than an automated order being placed. The option now exists to have a list saved in the Content Reserve Work Queue when Holds Manager runs, which can then be manipulated by adding tiles to the cart or subtracting them from it, if desired.

Finally, Holds Manager now supports purchasing of high waiting lists on HarperCollins eBook content. If a library opts to include the Harper Collins eBook content in their Holds Manager purchases, these titles will be calculated into the monthly Holds Manager eBook budget plan, but will be generated as a separate Purchase Order. Any library that is unsure of their HarperCollins Holds specifications can check their settings by logging into Content Reserve and clicking on the “Profile” tab.

Check out these changes today in Content Reserve, under the Collection tab>Holds Manager and be one of the first to enroll in the new Holds Manager plan. You asked for it; you got it.

Please feel free to contact your Collection Development Specialist at with any questions. We look forward to assisting you with these exciting developments!

Season’s Readings!

Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.




One Response to “Announcing upgrades to Holds Manager: Getting eBooks made easier”

  1. aquart

    I know seniors who desperately want to be able to EASILY download library books to ereaders. Right now they have to be desktop or laptop proficient first.

    When will there be a NYPL app?