‘Twas the blog before Christmas, and all through OverDrive, ugly sweaters were displayed with unwitting pride.

The Retro Read Blog Post would not write itself, I needed a miracle, a title from an elf?

Holiday titles had already been listed, perhaps I could “wrap” on the same, just re-gifted!

Check out our sale titles or content promotion, the possibilities are endless, as vast as the ocean!

Or you could read about coaches or “true love,” a trip with Sal Paradise would be sent from above!

Alas all these titles have made this space prior, my deadline was looming, my words growing tired.

When all of a sudden a light bulb was glowing, I’d mimic a classic, the rhymes started flowing!

And so it did pass, now you’re reading this chatter, in hopes I’ll say something important, that matters.

And those words are these, as year’s end approaches, prepare your collections, demand is explosive.

Now backlist, now best bets, and now new releases, on features, on tie-ins, on pricing decreases,

On Content Reserve you are beckoned to call, now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

As this post comes to close I would just like to say, many blessings to all, for all of your days.

Season’s Readings!

Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.

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