"Grow Cook Eat" is a comprehensive guide for bringing your garden to your dinner table.

The warm spring weather has come early here in Northeast Ohio, as well as much of the rest of the country, and we couldn’t be happier.  Right now is a great time to get into that gardening project you’ve been thinking about since last fall, and OverDrive has a variety of titles* that will inspire readers to get out and smell the compost.  Our newest gardening titles have something for every skill level, from beginner to seasoned expert.

Easy Growing: Organic Herbs and Edible Flowers from Small Spaces
It’s easier than you think to enjoy organic herbs all year round.  With recipes and projects rated on a difficulty scale from 1 to 5, “Easy Growing” will help you enjoy the rewards of your garden and stock your own customized herb pantry.

Grow Cook Eat: A Food Lover’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening, Including 50 Recipes, Plus Harvesting and Storage Tips
“Grow Cook Eat” (www.digginfood.com) is worth checking out for the gorgeous photos alone!  This comprehensive guide has chapters dedicated to gardening fundamentals, herbs, greens, legumes, the squash family, the cabbage family, roots, tubers, bulbs, warm-season vegetables and fruit.

Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together
If you’re looking to do something really exciting with your garden this year, consider aquaponic gardening, where fish and plants work together in a closed sustainable system. Feed the fish with organic feed or worms, and the waste from the fish fertilizes the plants.  Go symbiosis!

Dogscaping: Creating the Perfect Backyard and Garden for You and Your Dog
For the dog owner who loves the dog, but hates the holes, dug-up plants, and yellowed spots of grass, “Dogscaping” will help you achieve a more attractive yard and a better relationship with your furry friend.  By respecting your dog’s natural instincts, selecting the right plants, and using some practical tips and tricks, you can have the beautiful landscape you want and keep your pet happy, too.

*Title availability may vary by geographic location.

Karen Donovan is a collection development associate at OverDrive.

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