Anne Schraff saved my life. It’s true.

Three years ago, I had one of the most challenging

Anne Schraff's Urban Underground series engages less-experienced readers with compelling, true-to-life storylines.

groups of students. They were 16-17 years old, at-risk and ranged anywhere from 2nd- to 8th-grade reading level.

As their English teacher, I set about my first order of business—getting them to enjoy reading. This was an enormous task, because they had always been forced to read books that were too difficult for them, so of course they hated reading. Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me and didn’t know where to start.

We talked one day about books, what their likes/dislikes were, and what they found difficult about reading. Based on their answers, I grabbed the Saddleback catalog and searched for high-interest/low-level titles. The students had told me they liked the Bluford Series by Anne Schraff, and I found a new series by her called Urban Underground. I purchased the titles, along with a few others, and was amazed at how much success I had! Even my most reluctant readers were picking up the titles and reading them with enthusiasm.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief—having these titles in my classroom made the kids actually want to read. What’s even better is that you can also have many of the Saddleback titles in your classroom, as well! Check out our catalog and add some hi-lo titles to your School Download Library website today!

Sarah Kaminski is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.

2 Responses to “High-Interest, Low-Level eBooks Instill a Love of Reading”

  1. Dan

    Just curious, what does “high interest/low level” mean exactly? I assume low level means low reading level, but what’s high interest? Something the students would be really interested in?