The Comedians of Comedy, aka Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifianakis, can bring the laughs to your OverDrive-powered digital library.

An eBook and an audiobook walk into a digital library.
The video ducks.


While all of OverDrive’s library partners are seeing tremendous success circulating eBooks and audiobooks to patrons, few are taking advantage of another popular format—video. OverDrive carries an extensive catalog of videos—classic to contemporary—and we’d like to take a moment to highlight a few new and notables.

At this point you might be wondering why we led off this blog post with that amazing original joke. Well, please allow us to explain. OverDrive’s video catalog includes an awesome selection of comedy titles from Image Entertainment, with A-list comedians like Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel Tosh, Jeff Dunham, Louis CK and many more! The insanely popular video “The Comedians of Comedy,” gathers Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and Zach “The Hangover” Galifianakis under one hilarious roof.

If laughter isn’t your preferred spoonful of medicine, there are still plenty of great videos to check out (note the “checkout” play on words!). Should your patrons prefer film festivals and art houses to popcorn movies, the award-winning titles from the Global Film Initiative are sure to please. GFI also boasts a variety of language offerings, Tajik to Spanish and everywhere in between.

Maybe you have some world travelers bouncing around your digital library. Why not add some titles from Master Communications, Inc? Available in in kid-friendly format, the “Families of” videos introduce viewers to diverse families all over the world. The series offers an entertaining education experience that is thorough enough to provide an understanding of different cultures, but short enough to maintain a hold on shorter attention spans.

By adding video to your digital collection, you’ll provide patrons with a a one-stop shop for weekend fun. Not only can they enjoy that audiobook while cleaning the house on Saturday and an eBook on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but now they can enjoy a great movie on a Friday night, as well!

Find the titles we mentioned plus many more video selections at Content Reserve. For more information—or for more great jokes—contact us at

Adam Sockel is a Marketing and Outreach Specialist, and Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.

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