OverDrive's College Download Library service gives students access to your school's eBook and audiobook collection anytime, anywhere!

College kids have it made. Four years—or maybe more if you’re lucky—of living with all your friends, taking classes that start after 10 a.m., ordering take-out at 2 a.m. and, for today’s college students, zipping over to a premium virtual library 24/7.  Institutions of higher education make up one of OverDrive’s fastest growing markets, and success stories abound. Beth Pfeiffer of Trinity International University reports how students have come to value the school’s OverDrive-powered virtual branch over the past year.

OverDrive Experience at Trinity International University
The library at Trinity International University subscribed to OverDrive in August of 2010. At the time, we had a relatively small eBook collection, and very little push to add more. We initially looked into the service to provide downloadable audiobooks, and included eBooks in the hope that it would be a simpler way to expand our digital collection. We experienced dramatic increase in the profile of eBooks on our campus! The library staff as a whole has been excited about digital resources, and intentionally focused on providing that format for curriculum support. As we promoted the collection, we noticed an upswing in interest in library resources, especially our digital offerings. This has encouraged the perception of the library as compatible with new technological developments. Patrons have increasingly brought their mobile devices to the reference desk when they have questions, and we have become more comfortable providing that support. Also, during this past year TIU has launched several online programs, and we already had structures in place to develop library support to online and distance students.
—Beth Pfeiffer  

While the target demographic for OverDrive’s College Download Library service is the same, each higher ed institution has implemented its own specific collection development ideas into its OverDrive Powered Platform. Some colleges are offering high-level academic research materials to complement their physical collections,  while others use the OverDrive platform purely for pleasure reading, for those long afternoons sunbathing on the quad with the latest gadget.

Take some inspiration for your own OverDrive branch from these College Download Library superstars:

Marla Levine is a collection development associate at OverDrive

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