Whether you love or hate it, spring cleaning is here. Now’s the perfect time to clean out the clutter and freshen up the house. Personally, I love it and and can’t wait to get started. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that organizing does not have to be an unsatisfying chore—especially with the help of these OverDrive titles* that present a variety of approaches to cleaning.

Small Space Organizing
Everyone knows small spaces can create the biggest challenges when it comes to organization. There just never seems to be enough space for everything. With creative storage tips and links to resources, this book can help transform your crowded small spaces into the functional and stylish rooms you really want.

The Organized Kitchen
Chapter 1: An Organized Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen. The kitchen can be the busiest place in a home, especially for families with children and for people who like to entertain. It can also harbor the most germs and bacteria (when was the last time you replaced that kitchen sponge?). Using The Organized Kitchen’s tips and tricks, you can whip your kitchen into shape, streamline the cleaning process and make meal planning and cooking faster and easier.

Lemons and Lavender
Your cleaning experience doesn’t have to involve toxic fumes and harsh detergents! In this eco guide to better homekeeping, learn how you can save money, your health, and the environment by employing green strategies around the house. The author provides recipes for natural cleaners and deodorizers using ingredients like—you guessed it—lemons and lavender.

Organized Simplicity
There’s no getting around it: In order to organize, you’ve got to de-clutter! The author argues that you’ll feel better and improve your quality of life by simplifying and letting go of the possessions you don’t use or even like. To organize what’s left, check out the room-by-room guide and helpful inventory lists.

*Title availability may vary by geographic location.

Karen Donovan is a collection development associate at OverDrive.

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