Matt Chrisopher's The Kid Who Only Hit Homers will encourage young readers to pursue their dreams, on and off the baseball diamond.

Nothing defines “retro” like the “When I was a kid…” thought process. That, in conjunction with the beginning of the Major League Baseball season, is why I’ve chosen Matt Christopher’s The Kid Who Only Hit Homers as this month’s Retro Read.

When I was a kid (see, there it is!), I used to wander into the dimly lit, musty smelling library at St. Joseph’s School and head immediately to the Matt Christopher section of Dewey-land. When he had a new title out, or at least one that I’d never read, that library became the happiest place on earth for me. Such was the case when I came across the tale of Sylvester Coddmyer III.

SC3 is a junior-high wannabe baseball player who decides against trying out for the school’s baseball team because he lacks the skills to contribute. One day, sitting in the bleachers, Sylvester meets a mysterious man, who offers to coach him and make him the best player the school has ever seen. Since this story takes place in the 1970s, when the world was a safer place, Sylvester doesn’t hesitate to strike up a friendship with a stranger. With the man’s help, SC3 fulfills the prophecy, becoming the greatest player in the school’s history. He hits home run after home run and leads his team to a first-place finish. The man teaches Sylvester valuable lessons about respect and humility, themes that run throughout Matt Christopher’s work.

Stumbling upon this book in our digital catalog took me back to the good old days, recalling memories of sandlot revelry and trips to Little League ball fields. Find The Kid Who Only Hit Homers, and all of Matt Christopher’s eBooks and audiobooks, in Content Reserve.

Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.

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