David Byrne's "Bicycle Diaries" gives readers a peak into the pedal-powered personality of the Talking Heads frontman.

I don’t consider myself an avid cyclist—I’ve never owned a pair of biker shorts—but I have good reason to celebrate National Bike Month.

For me, bikes always seem to come to the rescue. When gas prices soared a few summers ago, I hopped on my rickety ten-speed and pedaled to the office along Rhode Island’s East Bay Bike Path. After I injured my knee in a skiing accident, riding my bike put me on the low-impact road to recovery. And when I needed help making ends meet as a freelance writer, I found ready cash toting tourists around the historic streets of Charleston, S.C., as a pedicab driver. (You should hear my spiel about the far-reaching influence of Senator John C. Calhoun!)

With National Bike Week starting May 14 and Bike-to-Work Day falling on May 18, now’s a great time to stock your “virtual library” with eBooks for cyclists.

Bicycle Diaries” by David Byrne
It’s no surprise that Talking Heads frontman David Byrne loves to ride bikes; cycling is the perfect pursuit for eccentrics, as it provides ample time for self reflection, an ever-changing landscape to inspire zany ideas, and an excellent excuse to dress up in funny outfits. Throughout his musical and artistic career, Byrne has pedaled the pavement of New York City as well as tour stops like Berlin, Buenos Aires, and Istanbul. “Diaries” takes readers on a meandering journey through the streets of Byrne’s mind, sharing the Rock and Roll Hall Famer’s views on everything from songwriting to environmentalism.

Cyclopedia” by William Fotheringham
Author William Fotheringham provides the ultimate resource for aspiring bike geeks, running down the history of the sport from the Tour de France to the Beijing Velodrome. “Cyclopedia” tells you all you’ll ever want to know about gear, bike maintenance, competition, and cycling personalities.

De Kooning’s Bicycle” by Robert Long
In this non-fiction narrative, Robert Long describes the interplay between a group of influential artists—including Jackson Pollock, Frank O’Hara, and Willem de Kooning—living on the East End of Long Island. De Kooning frequently rode his bike to Gardiner’s Bay, which inspired several of his paintings in the 1960s.

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