"The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories" unearths a treasure chest of never-before-published tales by Dr. Seuss.

For this month’s Retro Read, Jason Sockel pays poetic tribute to the Dr. Seuss collection “The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories.” -Ed.

What a stroke of good luck!
Like the rare finding by a duck named McCluck,
you’ve stumbled upon a blog and a jackpot you’ve struck!

The June Retro Read tells the tale of a seed,
once discovered, the greed of McCluck becomes freed,
which leads to his sadness, a downfall indeed.

I admit that this tale isn’t too old or too stale,
but Seuss is a whale, and here lies his grail!

A quick-witted bunny saved by an eyelash,
and Gustav the goldfish makes a big splash.

Be it “Tadd and Todd” or “Steak for Supper,”
a spot on a shirt or McBride’s dreams of wonder,

All narrated for you by the stars of the city,
if you don’t have this book, I might offer you pity.

NPH, Jason Lee and Whoopi, Whoopee!
They read these stories, your ears dance with glee!

There’s others like brothers and sisters who narrate,
so run to CR and escape your own bear fate!

Get the audiobook of “The Bippolo Seed
and follow the lead of the Retro Read Creed!

Then this rhyme scheme will not be for naught,
the dreams of your team will be wrought once you’ve bought!

For other amusement or lines with less rhyme,
email the Collection Team, we shine all the time!

Jason Sockel is a Collection Development Associate at OverDrive.

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