For teachers, “Back to School” season presents opportunities to implement new ideas and techniques that set the tone for the new school year.  OverDrive’s catalogue is filled with titles that can help you and your students have a successful and enjoyable new school year.  And, even better, we’re offering many of our John Wiley & Sons resource titles at 30-percent off through the end of August. Check out these great selections from John Wiley & Sons:


Engaging Every Student


Every student is different, but there are ways to reach them all!  Learn new ways to inspire reading in “The Book Whisperer,” and find ideas for helping students with ADHD in “The Energetic Brain.” there are so many references that can help you handle any situation that comes your way.



Classroom Activities and Guides


Whatever subject you teach, there are always new resources to spark ideas for classroom activities that are engaging and effective.  Make that smart board even more effective!  Many of these guides even allow teachers to print activities for classroom use.


Technology and Education


Technology does extraordinary things for a classroom and opens up so many possibilities.  Titles like “Education Nation” highlight some of the ways technology has enhanced classroom learning.  On the flip side, every teacher knows those pesky cell phones can make unwanted appearances during class.  “Teaching Generation Text” shares ways for teachers to repurpose the distraction as a learning tool!


Check out the entire list—entitled “Student & Teacher Resources: 30% Off”–in Content Reserve, and have a wonderful start to the new school year!


Bailey Hotujac is a Content Sales associate at OverDrive.

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