Is there a more predictably annoying time than the month before a presidential election? Whether you’re an undecided voter or a diehard political junkie, aren’t you tired of all the negative campaign ads, robocalls and star-spangled junk mail coming in from both sides? As the political conversation becomes more heated and positions become increasingly polarized, maybe it’s time we recall the lighter side of politics.


Dead Man Wins Election: The Ultimate Collection of Outrageous, Weird, and Unbelievable Political Tales
Written in bathroom-book style, this title includes one-paragraph accounts of ridiculous but true stories about politics and elections, trivia, and absurd laws still on the books. For example, in St. John’s County, Florida, in 1996, a statute was passed to regulate nude dancing. “The law required that one-third of a dancer’s buttocks be covered. It then described in fine detail how this was to be calculated. The description, for legal purposes, of ‘buttocks’ ran to 328 words.”


America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom
It started on Twitter. Within a month, a crazy, late-night idea cooked up by liberal comedian Michael Ian Black—who happened to be on Ambien at the time—and conservative blogger Meghan McCain turned into an actual book deal. Black and McCain hit the road on a cross-country road trip from California to Connecticut, visiting iconic American attractions, talking with the locals, and beginning to understand a little more about each other with plenty of sarcastic and poignant observations along the way.


America, But Better: The Canada Party Manifesto
What if Canada became the next president of the United States? Here are a few changes you could expect: One gay couple would be allowed to marry for each straight couple that got divorced. The phrase “job creators” would be changed to “job creationists,” and they would be given seven days to actually create some. And sex education in schools would have to acknowledge that there is such a thing as sex.


Red Dog/Blue Dog: When Pooches Get Political
Yes, this book is exactly what you think it is: cute pictures of dogs with political captions. It probably won’t help you decide who to vote for or give you a better understanding of how the government works, but it sure is adorable.


Karen Donovan is a collection development associate at OverDrive.

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