Having recently produced an apron, a dog bed and a bag with my trusty sewing machine, I’m more than a little excited that March is National Craft Month. We have tons of crafting books in Content Reserve, covering everything from quilting to sewing to woodworking to basket weaving and more! Here are a few titles to inspire your patrons to pick up their scissors, knitting needles and hot glue guns.


Sockology” and “Socks Appeal” by Brenna Maloney
If you’re doing some spring cleaning and are about to toss out a bunch of mismatched socks, perhaps you can find a better use by creating a cute stuffed animal.


Pints and Purls” by Karida Collins
This eBook includes creative ideas for the knitter on the go, along with a few recipes for tasty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres sprinkled in for good measure.


Upcycling Celebrations” by Danny Seo
This pragmatic book covers your crafting needs year-round with ideas for decorating, gift-giving and entertaining. I’m just sad I discovered this book after New Year’s and Valentine’s Day had passed!


World of Geekcraft” by Susan Beal
You’ll discover a beautiful blend of geekery and crafting in “World of Geekcraft.” No matter your skill level or geeky interests, Beal has you covered.


March is also “For Dummies?” month at OverDrive, with all Dummies titles discounted 30 percent. We’ll share more details about the sale in the near future. In the meantime, whether you’re interested in jewelry making, sewing, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, or quilting, there’s a Dummies book for you!


Cassie Renner is a Marketing & Outreach Specialist at OverDrive



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