Books on Tape (BOT) and Listening Library, both divisions of Random House, have been producing top-notch audiobooks for adults and children since 1975. Now, for the first time, the publishers are offering more than 3,500 audiobook titles in MP3 format. The availability of MP3 format extends the reach of these bestselling BOT and Listening Library audiobooks, making it easy for users to access the titles on Mac, iPod, iPhone and Android devices, as well as PCs, smartphones and tablets.


Pick from patron favorites like “Unbroken,”  Laura Hillenbrand’s inspiring story of survival during World War II, or  “Liar & Spy” by Newbery-Medal Winner Rebecca Stead, which will keep listeners guessing until the end.


For a peek at the entire list of available BOT and Listening Library MP3 audiobooks, log in to Content Reserve or contact our Collection Team.


Annie Suhy is a Merchandising Specialist at OverDrive.


4 Responses to “BOT, Listening Library Now Offer MP3 Audiobooks”

  1. Eileen Chandler

    Good news! Is it a selection of titles from BOT and Listening Library? How do they pick and choose which titles to offer as MP3 format?

  2. Julie Bauer

    If our library purchased one of these titles when it was only available in the WMA format, do we need to buy the MP3

  3. Julie Bauer

    Sorry, I hit submit before I meant to! To finish:

    …or will that format automatically be added to the WMA we already own?


    • Annie Suhy

      Hi Julie, MP3 format will automatically be added to the WMA that you already own. Thanks!