I’ve always wanted to travel the world. I want to fill my passport with stamps from across the globe, eat exotic food and hold a monkey. I’m probably not going to reach those goals anytime soon but it’s nice to live vicariously through OverDrive—whose worldly presence would make even Anthony Bourdain jealous.


We’ve even touched down in China! Our current selection of Chinese content is pretty impressive—everything from cuisine to culture to intriguing children’s literature. It also boasts a wealth of English language titles that have been translated to Chinese, allowing your library to reach even more users. OverDrive is committed to thinking globally and we hope our libraries will extend our initiative. Add some multi-cultural titles to your collection today! Here are some Chinese publishers, just to name a few, to get you started!


Cloudary Corporation: This publisher has everything you need to beef up your Chinese collection. Covering the heavy hitters like Romance, Fantasy and Juvenile Fiction, you will be able to find something for all the readers out there! Here’s a great place to start, 我在星光下等你 (I’ll Wait for You in the Star Lights), a big hit among Young Adult audiences.


ZHE JIANG PUBLISHING UNITED GROUP: I love the jacket covers featured in this collection because most of the artwork is hand panted. In this collection you will find hundreds of different children’s titles to choose from and if the bright colors were enough to distract this 25 year old, I’m sure it will go over really well with your younger readers. Here’s my favorite: 红帆船抒情童话:早安天使 (Chinese fairy tale: Good morning angel), which also happens to be the recipient of the 2002 Bing Xin prize for children’s literature.


Get out there and explore Content Reserve for even more options!


Christina Bernecker is an Account Specialist for OverDrive. 

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