Like many of your patrons, I enjoy reading titles that I have seen on film or watched on TV and vice versa. At times when I haven’t read the book that a show or film is based upon, I am always intrigued to learn more about the original work. So, imagine my surprise when ABC’s fictional lead character Richard Castle – a hot-shot mystery writer who is given the authority to follow NYPD star detective Kate Beckett so he can drum up ideas for his next book – shows up with a series of titles available through the my local library’s OverDrive collection.


At first, I thought it was a coincidence that a TV show would use the name of the actual writer for their main character. However, I quickly realized that Richard Castle, the author, was simply created for fans like myself who want to read the books that he is writing (or already written) over the course of the show. Actor Nathan Fillion’s role extends beyond the screen, as he double as the best-selling author and he even has his own fictional author page.


The Richard Castle series you will want to read first has 4 titles that starts with ‘Nikki Heat‘ and culminates with ‘Frozen Heat’. Aside from the outlandish titles, each book in the series captures the essence of the show itself – whether it’s the quirky humor, the constantly evolving chemistry between Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook, or the never-routine crime scenes. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend getting your hands on any format that your library offers.


Kevin Coon is an Account Executive at OverDrive

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