Each generation of readers has fantasy titles they grew up with: in the 1870’s, Jules Verne’s ‘20,000 Leagues under the Sea’ was published to the delight of the French citizens and eventually readers the world over. The 1930’s brought ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of Rings’ trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.  The story of ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ by J. K. Rowling rose to popularity during the 1990’s and the boy wizard continues to enthrall children and adults alike. Fantasy is an ever-evolving genre of literature that feels both classic and modern; keeping us reading and thinking about these weird and wonderful stories well after their release.


Fantasy Tales That Soar 


The ‘Beautiful Creatures’ series by Kami Garcia is another National Bestseller, popular with both teen and adult audiences. While it has elements of the ‘Twilight’ series it’s set in the graceful, Old South with mystery, magic and some romance for good measure.  Be sure to read the book before seeing the movie!


Rick Yancy’s ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp’ reads like ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’, but with a medieval twist. Alfred is a modern day teenage King Arthur who must track down and protect his famous sword, Excalibur.


In keeping with the classics, the tale of Robin Hood and his Gang of Merry Thieves has been re-imagined by A.C. Gaughen with a head strong female leader in ‘Scarlet’. Gaughen masterfully provides the reader with a familiar tale of a well-known hero but provides a thrilling, new angle. Other modern fairytales including ‘Beastly’ by Alex Flinn and ‘Wildwood Dancing’ by Juliet Marillier also bring new perspectives to beloved and legendary tales.


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Renee Lienhard is an Analyst for the Collection Development team at Overdrive

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