In a recent article published by Drexel University, How Urban Fiction is Helping to Bring Readers Back to the Library, the author discusses a book by Dr. Vanessa Irvin Morris called “The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Street Literature”. In her book, Dr. Morris encourages librarians to understand the importance of offering a diverse collection that includes ‘street lit’, also known as urban fiction. She believes that librarians should read what their patrons are reading to better connect with their community, offer recommendations and know what type of titles to add to their collection. Urban fiction continues to grow in popularity and as Dr. Morris says, “Street lit has proven to be a meaningful gateway through which people become dedicated readers.”


If you’re new to the genre, here are a few recommendations from publishers Kensington Publishing Corp. & Urban Books to jump start your collection.


For some, these eBooks offer the opportunity to dive into the scandalous underworld of gangs, drugs and violence from the safety of their eReader. For others, the steamy romances in these stories fill their “Fifty Shades of Grey” fix. While plot lines may seem outrageous, your readers may find characters they can relate to, even if those characters are often put in extreme situations.  Many of the most popular books are a part of ongoing series so you can stock your collection with multiple titles at once. Click on the book titles to start reading a sample.

  • “Naughty” series by Brenda Hampton
  • The “Flint” and “Baltimore Chronicles” series by Treasure Hernandez
  • “Girls from Da Hood” 5, 6 and 7, a collection of short stories by various authors
  • “The Cartel” series by Ashley and JaQuavis

Writing team (and husband and wife duo) Ashley and JaQuavis also publish successfully on their own, as Ashley Antoinette or Ashley Snell and JaQuavis Coleman.  Make sure to check out “Guilty Gucci” by Ashley Antoinette and “The Dopeman Trilogy”, starting with “The Dopeman’s Wife” by JaQuavis Coleman.


Check back next week for more urban fiction recommendations, including Christian fiction and YA eBooks!


Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.


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