Last week, we jumped into the world of urban fiction with recommendations for steamy romances and gritty tales of illicit activities. In Part 2 of our publisher spotlight, we feature some titles from Kensington Publishing Corp. & Urban Books that take a lighter approach and might appeal to a different audience. Click on the book titles to start reading a sample.


Urban Christian:

Not all street lit is about characters behaving badly. The publisher imprint Urban Christian offers more wholesome tales that often revolve around a church community and include many happy endings and moral-laced narratives.

  • “When Memories Fade”, part of the “Victory Gospel” series, by Tyora Moody
  • “The Book Store Rule” by Janice Jones
  • “The List” by Sherri Lewis

For Young Adult Readers:

Teenagers are a great audience for fun young-adult urban fiction titles about love triangles and other high school dramas. If you’re looking for a way to encourage students to get passionate about reading, try pointing them towards these eBooks.

  • “Street Soldiers”, the newest book in the “Drama High” series by L. Divine
  • “Cali Boys: Boyfriend Season” by Kelli London
  • “Not a Good Look”, part of the “Fab Life” series,  by Nikki Carter

Additional Recommendations:

For more street lit suggestions, check out my first urban fiction blog post from 2011, which includes a mix of eBooks and audiobooks.


Library Journal’s African American Fiction (and More) column is another good resource for summaries and suggested titles. Goodreads community also has some passionate reviews and lists featuring users’ favorite urban fiction reads.


Keep in mind that some popular street lit books mentioned in Library Journal or on Goodreads have not yet made the transition to eBooks but a growing number have, with many of the hottest titles available in OverDrive Marketplace. When searching Marketplace, look for publishers: Kensington Publishing Corp. and Urban Books; Publisher Imprints: Urban Books, Urban Christian, Urban Renaissance and Urban Soul; and subjects: Urban Fiction and African-American Fiction.


Melissa Marin is a Marketing Specialist at OverDrive.

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