For over 30 years, Banned Books Week has celebrated the freedom to read while drawing attention to recently and formerly banned and challenged books. This is done because it’s important to focus on why some works face opposition and dissension. In the past, banned books were often a representation of voices in contrast to government control and racial prejudice.


However, more commonly today, banned or challenged books come from an overarching societal discussion on what is acceptable for younger readers and what is not (specifically in schools); and typically, the challenges come from the attempt to identify what that answer is. This is why it’s important to acknowledge and know these works – so others don’t speak for you, so you can have a say, just like the writers themselves who others have attempted to quiet.


For this, we have compiled an exhaustive list of titles that have been previously banned or challenged; most commonly by educational institutions and governments. This list is a catalog of history as it represents what was once considered controversial or then misunderstood and in some cases – what still is.


We encourage you to go through this list, not every banned/challenged book is a widely known classic. You never know, you might find some gems. For help on adding these titles to your digital library contact your OverDrive Collection Specialist today!


Jacob Corbin is a Merchandising Specialist with OverDrive



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