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eHighlights Adult Fiction Audiobooks May 29, 2014


New Nonfiction Audiobooks

Karen Alpert, read by the author – I Heart My Little A-Holes: A Bunch of Holy-Crap Moments No One Ever Told You about Parenting

Popular blogger Karen Alpert shares her hysterical take on the many “joys” of parenting. I Heart My Little A-Holes is full of hilarious stories, lists, thoughts and pictures that will make you laugh so hard you’ll wish you were wearing a diaper.


Dan Barber, read by the author – The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food
Books on Tape

The Third Plate is chef Dan Barber’s extraordinary vision for a new future of American eating. After more than a decade spent investigating farming communities around the world in pursuit of singular flavor, Barber finally concluded that—for the sake of our food, our health, and the future of the land—America’s cuisine required a radical transformation.


Ann Bausum, read by Pam Ward – Sergeant Stubby: How a Stray Dog and His Best Friend Helped Win World War I and Stole the Heart of a Nation

Told for the first time, here is the story of a stray dog who eventually became affectionately known as Sergeant Stubby, the most famous war dog of World War I. Beloved award-winning children’s author Ann Bausum brings her friendly writing style and in-depth research to her first book for adults.


Kai Bird, read by Rene Ruiz – The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames
Books on Tape

On April 18, 1983, a bomb exploded outside the American Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people. The attack was a geopolitical turning point. It marked the beginning of Hezbollah as a political force, but even more important, it eliminated America’s most influential and effective intelligence officer in the Middle East, CIA operative Robert Ames.


Toni Braxton, read by Robin Eller – Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir

While Toni Braxton may appear to be living a charmed life, hers is in fact a tumultuous story: a tale of personal triumph after a public unraveling. In her heartfelt memoir, the six-time Grammy Award-winning singer and star of WE tv’s hit reality series Braxton Family Values is unapologetically honest in revealing the intimate details of her journey.


Krista Bremer, read by Xe Sands – My Accidental Jihad

Fifteen years ago, Krista Bremer would not have been able to imagine her life today: married to a Libyan-born Muslim, raising two children with Arabic names in the American South. Nor could she have imagined the prejudice she would encounter or the profound ways her marriage would change her perception of the world.


Adam Carolla, read by the author – President Me: The America That’s In My Head

In President Me, Carolla shares his vision for a different, better America free from big issues like big government down to small problems like hotel alarm clock placement. Running on an anti-narcissism platform, President Carolla calls for a return to the values of an earlier time.


Geoff Dyer, read by Jonathan Cowley – Another Great Day At Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H. W. Bush
Books on Tape

At once deft travelogue, unerring social observation, and honed comedy, this book describes life on a three-dimensional maze of walkways, hatches, and stairs…and Geoff Dyer’s own earnest efforts to appreciate the men and women aboard who have chosen a way of life the diametric opposite of the one he has constructed for himself.


Barbara Ehrenreich, read by the author – Living with a Wild God: A Memoir

Part memoir, part philosophical and spiritual inquiry, Living with a Wild God brings an older woman’s wry and erudite perspective to a young girl’s uninhibited musings on the questions that, at one point or another, torment us all.


Peter Finn and Petra Couvée, read by Simon Vance – The Zhivago Affair: The Kremlin, the CIA, and the Battle over a Forbidden Book

In May of 1956, an Italian publishing scout took a train to the Russian countryside to visit the country’s most beloved poet, Boris Pasternak. He left concealing the original manuscript of Pasternak’s much anticipated first novel, entrusted to him with these words from the author: “This is Doctor Zhivago. May it make its way around the world.”


Pope Francis, read by Paul Michael – The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church

In the year since he was elected, Pope Francis’ simple message of mercy, service, and renewal has spread to every corner of the world. Through his gentle demeanor, selfless actions, and welcoming call for service to others, he has captured the attention of a world longing for an authentic message of hope—we want to hear what he has to say.


Bill Geist and Willie Geist, read by the authors – Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees. . . and Other Conversations We Forgot to Have

In Good Talk Dad, this talented father-son team shares stories of their funny and heartwarming relationship. Told in a unique back-and-forth banter style, this extended conversation riffs on everything from music and sports to summer camp, driving lessons, and family life.


Timothy F. Geithner, read by the author – Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises
Books on Tape

Swift, decisive, and creative action was required to avert a second Great Depression, but policy makers faced a fog of uncertainty, with no good options and the risk of catastrophic outcomes.


Judy Greer, read by the author – I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star
Books on Tape

In her first book of essays, I Don’t Know What You Know Me From, Greer writes about everything you would hope to hear from your best friend: how a midnight shopping trip to Walgreens can cure all; what it’s like to wake up one day with stepchildren; and how she really feels about fans telling her that she’s prettier in person.


Diane Keaton, read by the author – Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty
Books on Tape

From Academy Award winner and bestselling author Diane Keaton comes a candid, hilarious, and deeply affecting look at beauty, aging, that old frenemy the mirror, and how in the end you just have to do it your own way.


Michael Korda, read by Jack Garrett – Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee

Korda paints a vivid and admiring portrait of Lee as a general and a devoted family man who, though he disliked slavery and was not in favor of secession, turned down command of the Union army in 1861 because he could not “draw his sword” against his own children, his neighbors, and his beloved Virginia.


Roland Lazenby, read by Bob Souer – Michael Jordan: The Life

He is responsible for incredible moments so ingrained in basketball history that they have their own names: The Shrug, The Shot, The Flu Game. But for all his greatness, there’s also a dark side to Jordan: a ruthless competitor, a gambler. There’s never been a biography that balanced these personas-until now.


Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, read by Stephen J. Dubner – Think Like a Freak: The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain

Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have written their most revolutionary book yet. With their trademark blend of captivating storytelling and unconventional analysis, they take us inside their thought process and offer a blueprint for an entirely new way to solve problems.


Jenny McCarthy, read by the author – Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life
Books on Tape

Jenny McCarthy shares candid personal stories of her own successes and failures, hilarious to-do and wish lists, instructions for easy ways to stay slim and healthy (including recipes for her favorite comfort soups), and how she has taken care of herself.


Bill McGowan, read by the author – Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time

In Pitch Perfect, the renowned media coach Bill McGowan shows you how to craft just the right message. Along the way, McGowan lays out his Seven Principles of Persuasion.


Lea Michele, read by the author – Brunette Ambition
Books on Tape

The star of the hit show Glee shares her experiences and insider tips on beauty, fashion, inner strength, and more in an illustrated book that’s part memoir, part how-to, and part style guide.


Mariano Rivera, read by Michael Kay – The Closer: My Story

Mariano Rivera, the man who intimidated thousands of batters merely by opening a bullpen door, began his incredible journey as the son of a poor Panamanian fisherman.


Tom Robbins, read by Keith Szarabajka – Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative Life

In Tibetan Peach Pie, Robbins turns that unparalleled literary sensibility inward, weaving together stories of his unconventional life–from his Appalachian childhood to his globe-trotting adventures–told in his unique voice, which combines the sweet and sly, the spiritual and earthy.


Robin Roberts, read by the author – Everybody’s Got Something

Following her mother’s advice to “make your mess your message,” Robin taught a nation of viewers that while it is true that we’ve all got something, a medical crisis to face, aging parents to care for, heartbreak in all its many forms, we’ve also all got something to give: hope, encouragement, a life-saving transplant or a spirit-saving embrace.


Bob Saget, read by the author – Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian

In his bold and wildly entertaining publishing debut, Bob continues to embrace his dark side and gives listeners the audiobook they have long been waiting for—hilarious and often dirty yet warm and disarmingly sincere.


Sheryl Sandberg, read by Elisa Donovan – Lean In for Graduates
Books on Tape

This enhanced edition provides the entire text of the original book updated with more recent statistics and features a passionate letter from Sandberg encouraging graduates to find and commit to work they love.


George Saunders, read by the author – Congratulations, By the Way: Some Thoughts on Kindness
Books on Tape

Three months after George Saunders gave a convocation address at Syracuse University, a transcript of that speech was posted on the website of The New York Times, where its simple, uplifting message struck a deep chord.


Daniel Schulman, read by Allen O’Reilly – Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty

Against a backdrop of scorched-earth legal skirmishes, Charles and David built Koch Industries into one of the largest private corporations in the world-bigger than Boeing and Disney-and they rose to become two of the wealthiest men on the planet.


Tom Standage, read by Sean Runnette – A History of the World in 6 Glasses

Author Tom Standage details the history of the world, from the Stone Age to the twenty-first century, through the lens of six defining beverages: beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and cola.


Gary L. Stewart, read by – The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for My Father…And Finding the Zodiac Killer

Soon after his birth mother contacted him for the first time at the age of thirty-nine, adoptee Gary L. Stewart decided to search for his biological father. His quest would lead him to a horrifying truth and force him to reconsider everything he thought he knew about himself and his world.


J. Randy Taraborrelli, read by Robert Petkoff – The Hiltons: A Family Dynasty

The Hiltons is a sweeping saga of the success-and excess-of an iconic American family. Demanding and enigmatic, patriarch Conrad Hilton’s visionary ideas and unyielding will established the model for the modern luxury hotel industry.


Barbara Brown Taylor, read by the author – Learning to Walk in the Dark: Because Sometimes God Shows Up at Night

Follow Barbara Brown Taylor on her journey to understand darkness, which takes her spelunking in unlit caves, learning to eat and cross the street as a blind person, discovering how “dark emotions” are prevented from seeing light from a psychiatrist, and rereading scripture to see all the times God shows up at night.


Ann Scott Tyson, read by Cassandra Campbell – American Spartan: The Promise, the Mission, and the Betrayal of Special Forces Major Jim Gant

A war story like no other, an unprecedented account of a warrior who took up the cause of villagers as if it were his own, and of a woman on the front lines of a distant war, American Spartan is an unforgettable tale—and one of the most remarkable and emotionally resonant narratives of war ever published.


Elizabeth Warren, read by the author – A Fighting Chance
Macmillan Audio

In this passionate, funny, rabble-rousing book, Warren shows why she has chosen to fight tooth and nail for the middle class—and why she has become a hero to all those who believe that America’s government can and must do better for working families.


John Waters, read by – Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes across America
Macmillan Audio

Laced with subversive humor and warm intelligence, Carsick is an unforgettable vacation with a wickedly funny companion—and a celebration of America’s weird, astonishing, and generous citizenry.


Colson Whitehead, read by the author – The Noble Hustle: Poker, Beef Jerky, and Death
Books on Tape

In a world full of long shots and short odds, The Noble Hustle is a sure bet, a raucously funny social satire whose main target is the author himself. Whether you’ve been playing cards your whole life or have never picked up a hand, you’re sure to agree that this book contains some of the best writing about beef jerky ever put to paper.


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