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Feature Films and TV

Father’s Little Dividend
Echelon Studios – Comedy

Stanley Banks has barely recovered from his daughter’s wedding when he learns that she is going to have a baby. Disputes arise between the paternal and maternal grandparents. Sequel to Father of the Bride. Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor, Billie Burke.


Hellboy: Blood and Iron
Starz Digital Media – Action, Animated

Hellboy has to fight harpies, hellhounds, a giant werewolf, and a goddess to prevent the resurrection of a beautiful vampire. Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones.


Echelon Studios – Western, Comedy, Romance

George Washington McLintock is a cattle baron and the richest man in the territory. He’s anxiously awaiting his daughter’s return from school in the east, and is surprised to find her accompanied by his wife, who left him years before for reasons he can’t understand. Now he’s trying to keep the peace, not only in his family, but in dealing with a crooked land agent and a thieving Indian agent. John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Stephanie Powers, Chill Wills, Yvonne DeCarlo.


Night of the Living Dead
Echelon Studios – Horror

A group of people hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse. This is the classic 1968 version.


The Over-The-Hill Gang
Echelon Studios – Western

A retired Texas Ranger and his three aging pals are hired to clean up a town. Walter Brennan, Edgar Buchanan, Andy Devine, Jack Elam, Gypsy Rose Lee, Chill Wills.


Starz Digital Media – Drama

After his father’s death, 10-year-old Paul becomes the caretaker of his younger brother and his drug-addicted mother. His only friend is a flighty waitress played by Keira Knightley. Molly Parker, David Wenham.


Righteous Kill
Starz Digital Media – Drama, Thriller

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro star as retirement-aged police detectives tasked with tracking down a serial killer.


Royal Wedding
Echelon Studios – Comedy, Musical, Romance

A brother and sister dance act are booked in London at the same time as the royal wedding. On their way to England, the sister has a shipboard romance and misses a rehearsal, which leads to the famous Fred Astaire scene where he dances with gym equipment and a hat rack. Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Keenan Wynn. 1951.


A Star Is Born
Echelon Studios – Drama

The 1937 original version of this film tells the story of a North Dakota farm girl who wants to become a movie star. With the help of a has-been alcoholic actor, she gets her chance and makes the most of it. They fall in love and marry after he promises to stop drinking, but as her career skyrockets, his declines. Janet Gaynor, Fredric March, Adolphe Menjou.


While She Was Out
Starz Digital Media – Horror, Thriller

Kim Basinger is a suburban housewife determined to survive the night as she is stalked by a group of teenage thugs led by a psychopath. Craig Sheffer, Lukas Haas.


Young Bill Hickok
Echelon Studios – Western

A 1940 film starring young Roy Rogers as Wild Bill Hickok in his early years, who along with Calamity Jane, protects a gold shipment from thieves bent on stealing it while the rest of the country is preoccupied by the Civil War. Gabby Hayes, Julie Bishop, Sally Payne.


Your Love Never Fails
Starz Digital Media – Drama

Divorced mother Lisa just wants to spend more time with her daughter, but her demanding job is getting in the way. When Dylan, her ex-husband, files for joint custody, she is forced to move to Texas where, with the help of the local pastor, she and Dylan work to do what is right for Kelsey…and themselves. Elisa Donovan, John Schneider, Brad Rowe, Tom Skerritt.


Zorro’s Black Whip, Chapters 1-6and Chapters 7-12
Echelon Studios – Western

A 1944 movie starring Linda Stirling as Barbara Meredith. When Barbara’s brother, the local newspaper editor, is killed by a local leading citizen who is opposed to Idaho becoming a state, she dons a mask and cape and becomes the “Black Whip.” She thwarts the bad guys at every turn until a final showdown just as the town is ready to vote.

Documentary and Instructional

The American Hobo
Echelon Studios – Documentary

Hear tales of such noted hobos as James Michener and Merle Haggard, in this exploration of the uniquely American free spirits who traveled the rails looking for work.


Cinema Is Everywhere
Spiral Pictures – Documentary

This international documentary weaves together the stories of actors, filmmakers, and film festival producers from three countries—India, Scotland, and Tunisia—to show the power of movies to shape our world.


Day of Miracles
Echelon Studios – Documentary

Actual survivors of the 9/11 tragedy tell their stories.


Downtown 81
Music Box Films – Biography

A virtually “lost” film, shot in 1981 and not released until 20 years later. Legendary painter, graffiti artist, poet, and musician Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) must sell a painting to reclaim the apartment after being evicted. He carries the painting through New York City, encountering models, musicians, rappers, and painters, portraying a great picture of the early 1980s art and music scene. Includes music by Tuxedomoon, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, the Lounge Lizards, DNA, and others.


The Last Mile
Gaiam – Documentary

Filmmaker John Burkett led a destructive, unhealthy and sedimentary life. After getting sober, one day walking his dog he decided to take the first run out of mental anguish. A two-mile loop soon became part of his daily routine. Then came a small local race, and a half marathon, and finally the marathon.


Tornado Chronicles
Echelon Studios – Documentary

On one day in 1978, 147 tornadoes swept through Ohio, Kentucky, and Alabama, killing over 300 people. This documentary includes eyewitness accounts.


The Viking Maid
Echelon Studios – Documentary

Despite record salmon runs in the state of Alaska, wild salmon fishermen struggle to stay afloat in the flooded salmon markets of the world. Find out why you should ask “Is this salmon farmed or wild?”


Click to view the Marketplace cart of the titles in this newsletter plus more great picks.

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