Happy Hobbit Day!

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Today, we travel to Middle-earth to celebrate the lives of two of literature’s most beloved characters. That’s right, September 22nd is the birthday of the most famous Shire hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, both said to be born years apart during the Third Age. Hobbit Day is part Tolkien Week, first created in 1978 by the American… Read more »

Oprah’s Book Pick #63: SAY YOU’RE ONE OF THEM

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Our predictions were correct!  The #63 Oprah’s Book Club pick is: Say You’re One of Them by Uwen Akpan. Add Say You’re One of Them in eBook and audiobook as well as past Oprah Picks and Oprah’s Kids Picks titles to your download collection!  Check out Content Reserve Marketplace for the featured Oprah collection lists.

Do you know the next Oprah’s Book Club pick?

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As much as I would really like Oprah to shock us all and do something totally different, I don’t think Kathy Griffin’s presumptuously named new memoir released today will be the next Oprah’s Book Club pick. Speculating from insider information via the publisher to the blogosphere, we think the next pick is… Say You’re One of… Read more »

Are You Ready for Some Football?

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It’s that time of year again when NFL fans are filled with hope and promise that their beloved team will be the best. Where I’m from, September through February is painted brown and orange, people brag about the Dawg Pound, and fans brave the ice, wind, and snow to make it to the game. Football… Read more »

Brilliance Audio Half-Off Sale

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It’s time to stock up on big books for all readers! Brilliance Audio is having a September sale on 300 recently published titles that are all priced half-off! For those who love a good mystery or thrill, you can find The Devil’s Punchbowl, Relentless, The Defector, and Fear the Worst. Why not give them a compilation as… Read more »

Most Downloaded Books from the Library List for August 2009

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Current film release and blockbuster book, The Time Traveler’s Wife tops the list of the Most Downloaded Books from the Library for August. Coming back through the ranks to reclaim its spot on the Most Downloaded list is Steig Larsson’s Swedish mystery, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; might there be a spot on September’s list for the next title in… Read more »

Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL on sale now!

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Purchase the new Dan Brown title The Lost Symbol in EPUB and audiobook format now before the September 15th release date!  You can build excitement and demand today. Check out how Westchester Library System promotes its pre-release titles. To promote big titles and future releases like Westchester does, follow these steps: Choose a title(s) that you… Read more »

National Radio Day

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Before cell phones and television, families would huddle around the radio every night to listen to everything from news broadcasts, to music, to dramatic stories.  Every August 20th we honor this important entertainment outlet with its own day…National Radio Day.  For more than 100 years radio programs have entertained and informed, and now many of… Read more »

Celebrate National Tell a Joke Day

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Sunday is National Tell a Joke Day. Ok…it may not be an official “National Holiday”, but who really needs an excuse to celebrate? In the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to share some of my favorite funny reads. Of course, humor is in the eye of the beholder, but here are some of my favorites: I’m… Read more »