Cindy’s selection tips for Content Reserve

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Cindy Orr offers some helpful tips for managing your library’s OverDrive-powered digital catalog in her monthly blog post. Obviously, using the ContentWire newsletter and the lists created by OverDrive’s Collection Development team is one way to keep up with your selection work for your digital collections. But here are some other ideas that may not… Read more »

Great Holiday Titles

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Whether you are looking to laugh, cry, be inspired, or get some help with holiday crafts, there are some great titles for the holiday season. If your patrons want to wow their holiday guests with great pastries or perfectly cooked ham, try offering some of these great holiday cooking titles: Good Housekeeping: The Great Christmas… Read more »

December Holiday Sales!

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Who doesn’t love a good bargain? In addition to the Holiday Bonus, we have three publisher promotion sales going on now! Get more for your money with these December deals: Brilliance Audio 50% off sale that includes over 100 titles of their best-selling titles and big name authors. McGraw-Hill 30% off sale includes collections of business, tech,… Read more »

Most Downloaded Books from the Library List for November 2009

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There have been big changes on the Most Downloaded Adult Fiction Audiobook and eBook lists for the month of November. The popularity of Freakonomics helped to soar the super edition of this Steven D. Levitt hit appropriately titled, Superfreakonomics, to the number six spot on the Most Downloaded Adult Nonfiction Audiobooks and number four on the eBook… Read more »

Promote your service with a ‘Most Downloaded’ press release

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You may have seen our most downloaded books from the library list, which is distributed at the beginning of every month. The list of audiobook and eBook titles is based on the circulation statistics from all OverDrive library partners. The list for November will be released on December 1st. Each month, your library’s Partner Services Associate distributes a press release template for… Read more »

PW’s Best Children’s Books of 2009!

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Publishers Weekly released its Best Children’s Books of 2009 and we’ve got your download editions covered!  Snag the books about teen friendships, harrowing stories of body-image issues, cross country trips, 1970s mysteries, and coming of age during the turn of the century. Some highlights include: Fire by Kristin Cashore The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly When… Read more »

New children’s video

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Children’s characters and television shows resonate with every generation; for me it was Fraggle Rock, The Care Bears, Muppet Babies and of course The Berenstain Bears.  What kid would not want to have a chance to live in a real treehouse?  It’s not very suprising that such a beloved family of bears are still enjoyed by children today. … Read more »

Tantor Media 50% Off Sale!

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If you are like me and love a good sale (especially when there is so much to choose from), you are in luck this month! Tantor Media is having a 50% off sale on their ENTIRE catalog of WMA and MP3 Audiobooks!  The large catalog of 1,174 titles runs the gamut of authors, genres, and bestsellers, perfect… Read more »