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Has a patron ever approached you and asked a question about your download service? Have you ever wondered or just simply forgot how to place a title on hold? I bet that some of you are smiling at the truth to those questions and more. OverDrive offers several help resources to assist users and staff as they navigate and utilize the digital collection. In today’s post, we will take a closer look at each of these resources.

Your digital library site has a ‘Help’ link located on the homepage. This is the best resource for frequently asked questions. Some information you will find includes General FAQs (ex. What is an audiobook? What is an eBook?), Borrowing Help FAQs related to your library’s lending policies and procedures (What is my library’s lending period? How many titles can I check out at a time?).

The Quick Start Guide will get first time users started with the service in three easy steps.

The Guided Tour can be accessed by clicking the icon displayed on the homepage of your digital library site (see screen shot above). This self-paced tutorial provides audio and video demonstrations of each step of the user experience. Users have the option to listen in full or in parts.

The Device Resource Center, often linked on the homepage as well, lists devices that have been tested at OverDrive for compatibility with our audiobooks, music,
and videos. There’s an option to ‘test your device for compatibly’ and you can also click ‘more information’ to get physical specifications and other features of each device.

When users have questions they’re unable to find the answer to in the Help resources, they may email the Library Support team for assistance. Check your Help page for the email address for your users.

If your library is unable to answer a question, you may contact the OverDrive Support team.

Remember, OverDrive offers free, online training for all aspects of your download service. The help resources discussed above are reviewed in our ‘Browse, Check Out, Download’ and ‘Patron Assistance’ training sessions. If you’re interested in scheduling training for your library, please email us at

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