Sony Reader Daily Edition

With eBooks still being a hot topic, even months after the busy holiday season, I decided to review the newest device from Sony: the Reader Daily Edition. Below, I’ve broken down each aspect of the device from functionality to features and also specifications.

Let’s start with the specs: The Sony Reader Daily Edition is PC and Mac compatible and supports DRM-protected EPUB and PDF eBooks as well as DRM-free content. The device features a large 7” touch screen for easy reading with E Ink Vizplex screen technology. Menu buttons along the bottom of the display make it easy to navigate back to the ‘Home’ screen, change options such as the font size, or simply turn the page. This version of the Sony Reader is even more light weight, weighing in at only 12.75 ounces and 0.6” thick; making it more portable than ever.

I found the interface to be extremely easy to navigate and I was impressed with the new layout of the main screen. Compared to other similar products, the navigation is top notch and an improvement from older versions.

Other features of the Sony Reader Daily Edition include free wireless connection through AT&T’s 3G Network to access the Reader™ Store, a long battery life as expected from all eBook devices which holds a charge up to seven days. Users can read eBooks in a single page or a two page view, which makes reading periodicals pleasurable. Another small, but perhaps significant change, is the option for six font sizes and the ability to look up words using the built-in dictionary function.

As always, I feel the need to be upfront about a few concerns I noticed during my research. The touch functionality is so-so as far as speed, but keep in mind, when purchasing a touch screen device, there will always be a short delay. The screen also has a slight glare when reading under direct light sources, but it’s easily solved by tilting or holding it differently in your hands.

Overall I enjoyed this device. Compared to older versions, it is miles above the rest in features and functionality. But it is on the pricey side, retailing for $399.99 from Sonystyle or even Best Buy. If you can afford it, the Sony Reader Daily Edition will make any eBook reader happy.

2 Responses to “Sony Reader Daily Edition is a good option if you have the money”

  1. John Robertson

    Nice review Megan. In your opinion, how does the Sony Daily Edition compare to the nook?

  2. Megan Greer

    Hi John,

    In my opinion, the Sony Reader Daily Edition is easier to navigate however the nook offers some pretty neat features like the LCD screen. What I think it will come down to, for most people, is price. What are you willing to spend? That is definitely a question you need to ask yourself.