OverDrive completed testing on the highly-anticipated Apple iPad. The iPad runs a version of the iPhone OS, so it has the similar compatibility with our formats. Both MP3 and WMA audiobooks can be transferred to the device using OverDrive Media Console for Windows, and MP3 audiobooks can be transferred with OverDrive’s Mac software. Libraries with an OverDrive Download Station should also know that the download station software is compatible with the iPad. As of right now, the iPad does not currently support the eBook formats (Adobe PDF, Adobe EPUB, Mobipocket) supplied by OverDrive.

The OverDrive Device Resource Center has been updated accordingly. For audiobook devices, click here, and for eBook readers, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact partnerservices@overdrive.com.

16 Responses to “iPad testing results are in…”

  1. Sean

    I know that OverDrive recently announced that they will be addiing some DRM free books to their catalog. It will of course vary as to which libraries subscribe to DRM titles. If those titles will be ePUB format they should work on iPad in the iBooks app. However, I think that some iPad users are learning that iBooks is very picky about the epub files and particular metadata fields. Will OverDrive be testing their DRM free ePubs for compatibility (lack of error messages) on iBooks?

  2. Dan Stasiewski

    Hi Sean, we thoroughly test every device before we announce compatibility. If there are any issues with DRM-free eBooks on iPad, we won’t official recommend it. Hopefully, we’ll have more information on this in the near future. Keep checking back for updates.

  3. Sidd

    I’m curious about your comment regarding "As of right now, the iPad does not currently support the eBook formats (Adobe PDF, Adobe EPUB, Mobipocket) supplied by OverDrive."

    Isn’t the matter more that Overdrive doesnt support the iPad? It seems you didn’t support the iPhone,Android earlier either, but do so now.

  4. Dan Stasiewski

    @Sidd, some devices, like the Barnes & Noble nook and Sony Reader, have support for eBooks supplied by OverDrive out of the box. For others, we have to develop apps ourselves. Don’t worry, though. Our developers are working it.

  5. Sean


    That sounds like good news for iPad.

    So is that confirmation that OverDrive is actually developing it’s own client side app that will support Adobe Content Server DRM on the iPad?

    Would it side load through Adobe Digital Editions or download Adobe PDF/EPUB directly to the iPad (similar to how the Kindle for iPad or B&N for iPad apps work)?

  6. Dan Stasiewski

    @Sean, we’re still very early in development, but we are indeed working on it. once we have more details, we’ll post them on the blog.

  7. michelle

    Dan, there’s a very good pdf reading app for the ipad called goodreader (99 cents). would this allow the ipad to work with the drm overdrive books?

    otherwise, very eagerly looking forward to the overdrive app for ipad!

  8. Christine

    I’m very eagerly waiting for the ability to read OverDrive ebooks on the iPad, especially since the new iBook has PDF support!

  9. Stuart

    I’m a new ipad user and trying to download audio books from local library, your blog talk about transferring WMA file, but with the wifi ipad can I just download direct? I keep getting an error.

  10. Dan Stasiewski

    @Stuart, unfortunately you cannot directly download the WMA audiobooks to the iPad. The WMA file needs to be converted in iTunes, which currently takes place on a workstation computer.

    If anything changes, we’ll post the news here.

  11. joe

    Any time table on when overdrive will be releasing an ebook compatible app for iPad??


  12. JDC

    Why can I not read “Adobe PDF eBook” format in the OverDrive app using my iPad 3 device? I get an error that this format is not supported.


    • Michael Lovett

      Hi- OverDrive Media Console for iOS supports EPUB format eBooks only. Sorry to disappoint! -Mike

  13. J Abshire

    My library’s overdrive help site shows that WMA audiobooks can be used on the ipad mini; but when I try to download one of those audiobooks, I get the “this device does not support this format” notice. Is that format supposed to play on the Ipad mini, or not?

    • Adam Sockel

      HI J- that may be a mistake- you can use MP3 audiobooks on the app but WMA’s won’t be compatible. Thanks.