28 Responses to “Sneak Preview: OverDrive eBook app for iPhone”

  1. Kim

    Hooray!!! Our patrons will really like this option. Please add our site to the development plan :-)

  2. Dan Stasiewski

    Hi Kyle, the initial release will support EPUB eBooks, with support for PDF planned for future releases.

  3. John

    Thanks, this will be very popular. Have you tested this on an ipod touch? Most iOS apps do but no all. A lot of our younger patrons have these rather than an iphone

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi John, yes, the app will work on the iPod Touch. We’ll have full spec information upon release.

  4. Mike S

    Will this play the DRM titles or just the Project Gutenburg DRM free titles?

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi Mike, the initial release will support your library’s existing DRM-protected EPUB eBooks. We hope to add PG in the future.

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi Anna, yes, the app will download the eBooks to the device. At the end of the lending period, the titles will automatically expire.

  5. Liz

    So let me make sure I understand this. On an iPhone, iPad, iTouch and eventually on Android devices, there will not be any need for Adobe Digital Editions. The EPUB format (and eventually the PDF format) will load via the device’s internet connection directly into Overdrive Media Console and also be readable from OMC. Is that correct? No ADE for iphone and android devices?

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi Liz, sorry I missed your comment. You and your users will be able to download EPUB eBooks directly to their iPhone/iPod touch with the app. The same goes for both Android and iPad when those apps are released. So you are right, no ADE for iPhone or Android devices.

  6. Sean

    This is good news. Can you say any more than “coming soon” regarding the iPad version? Is it likely to be a month later, three months, six months?

  7. David

    So glad to see the the EPUB will be supported in the next app update! Hope to see PDF and Project Gutenberg supported in the future. (Would also love to see in-app collection browsing. Currently you have to launch safari to checkout.)

  8. Carm

    Am excited but also disappointed with this news that Iphone, Itouch, etc. appear will be the first with the new software. Was led to believe from earlier posts that Overdrive would be releasing for Android first, with others to soon follow. Considering Android hit the market with Flash and Iphone has been so negative to all things Flash, this is really disappointing.

    • Dan Stasiewski

      Hi Steve, the apps with eBook support will be free, just like the current OverDrive Media Console audiobook-only app.

  9. peter

    Is there a date set for December? Would love to promote this to customers who get shiny new iPhones for Christmas.

  10. Jonas

    Thank you. Very excited to see this happening after hearing rumors at the ebook summit. I never thought I would say it, but I love the convenience of reading ebooks on my iphone. Any “coming soon” teasers about the “LibTunes” project?

  11. Buzz

    @Dan Stasiewski

    This is incredible news. I can’t wait for it to be available for the IPad. I’ve been looking for an app for library books since I bought my IPad. And if I can truly bypass ADE…heaven! I’ll be keeping an eye out for the release!

  12. Ann

    Does this mean that WMA files will also be accessible on IOS soon as well?

  13. Kevin

    Will this work on the new Velocity Micro Cruz E-reader and Tablets which run Android 2.0? DO you have specifics on which Android versions will be compatible?