Earlier this year I reviewed the Sony Reader Daily Edition. Looking back, I have to say that I still, for the most part, agree with what I had written. As technology changes and ultimately improves, so will my opinion of a device. One of my main concerns from that original review still holds true: the Sony Reader Daily Edition is more expensive than other eBook Readers available and will not appeal to consumers looking to be on the cheap.

Sony released, not long ago, an updated version of the Daily Edition, as well as the Pocket and Touch Editions. The most prominent improvement across all three devices is with the touch screen functionality. I have to say that I am impressed with what Sony has done. The layer of glass beneath the screen (prominent in older models and currently included on other E-Ink devices) was removed. This greatly increases responsiveness and also makes the text extremely crisp.

Another update is in the weight of the devices – they are lighter than ever before. I barely noticed the Daily Edition, the largest of the Sony Readers, when I placed it in my oversized purse. (Every respectable girl should have at least one oversized bag). Roughly the heaviness of a paperback, it won’t cramp up your hands or hurt your wrists if you are reading for long periods of time.

A final major update is that Sony corrected the EPUB/PDF issues which library users encountered in older models. If you weren’t aware, there were problems with both Adobe EPUB and PDF eBooks from the library coexisting on the device. With the new models, you won’t have to worry about that any more.

One thing I am surprised by and slightly disappointed in, is the fact that only the new Daily Edition has WiFi and 3G capabilities. With competing devices’ price points lower and offering WiFi and 3G, I’m not sure what this will mean for less expensive Sony Readers. Currently, pricing is as follows:

Sony Reader Daily Edition: $299.99*
Sony Reader Touch Edition: $229.99*
Sony Reader Pocket Edition: $179.99*

Overall, the enhancements Sony has made to their eBook Readers makes them even more attractive than previous models. If you’re looking for just an eBook Reader that’s compatible with OverDrive-supplied eBooks (and are willing to pay a little more) any of the models will be a solid investment.

*Prices listed on www.sonystyle.com.

Megan Greer is a project manager for OverDrive.

3 Responses to “Review: Sony Reader updates include definite improvements”

  1. Stephanie


    do you happen to know if those of us with older models with the EPUB/PDF problem will be able to upgrade our software so resolve the issue?

  2. Kristi Chadwick

    Do you know if Sony is going to have any type of firmware update for their older versions of the Reader to correct the EPUB/PDF issue?

  3. Megan Greer

    Hi Kristi and Stephanie,

    I checked with our Support Team and also did some research on the Sony Style website and it does not appear there are firmware upgrades for the older Sony Reader models regarding this issue. I couldn’t find any information that there will be any updates in the future either. However Sony’s support page is a good resource for Sony Reader owners to check periodically for any announcements.