In the ongoing process of improving user experience, OverDrive is releasing the latest updates for OverDrive Media Console’s mobile applications.  While the overall process remains the same, the new updates will continue to streamline the applications’ usability.  Users will now be able to return EPUB eBooks on all three mobile platforms and first time users will experience an improved Adobe Authorization process.

System requirements will remain the same and those with OverDrive Media Console already installed will be notified that an update is available.  The updated app is available from the Android Market, App Store™, Blackberry AppWorld™, MobiHand™ App Store, or

Adam Sockel is a partner services associate at OverDrive.

8 Responses to “OverDrive Apps Update: Android, Blackberry, & iPhone/ iPad v2.3”

  1. Sean

    This is good news. Is there a plan to add PDF ebook support to the OverDrive app or is it going to remain an EPUB only reader?

  2. Rob

    It would be very nice if one could control the width of the margins on the iPad. The app seems to fill the screen edge to edge and I find this a bit fatiguing to read compared to the Kindle app.

  3. Andrew Fuerste-Henry

    My impression was that the limitations on the Nook were all Barnes & Noble’s choice. It runs on Android and could, technically, run the Overdrive app, but B&N has chosen not to allow users to install apps. So the question, really, is “When will a bookseller choose to make it easier to borrow books instead of buying them.”

  4. Mark

    May I ask who decides which devices to support? I think there is a hole in the market for an ereader/ emedia app for Nokia N8/ Symbian 3. Declaration of interest -my wife has a Nokia N8. Please pass this on if you can

  5. Blaize

    just got an ipad 3, usaed to have ipad 1
    installed new IOS 5.1
    Overdrive now doesn’t work with my library – doesn’t seem to send the library card and pin numbers correctly so the authentication program recognizes them.
    the card and pin number still work on my PC so this seems to be Overdrive’s error
    Is it a problem with the new IOS?
    I have reinstalled Overdrive but bug is not fixed.

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Blaize- Apparently the latest iOS update is causing sporadic problems with OMC. Powering off your device and reinstalling the app should solve the problem. We’ll be launching a new version of OMC for iOS very soon, so stay tuned. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you’re still having trouble, you can always contact OverDrive support via your library’s Help link. Best, Mike