OverDrive is pleased to announce that Amazon® Kindle compatibility with your U.S. public or school library’s eBook collection is here.  See the press release.  This update, which is included at no additional cost to OverDrive partner libraries, allows most existing eBooks in your library’s collection to be read on all Kindle devices or by using free Kindle apps for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ and other mobile devices.

OverDrive is quickly updating all U.S. public and school library partner websites to support Kindle compatibility and will complete this update as soon as possible.  Sections of your website, including My Help wizard, Help pages and FAQs, will also reflect these changes and help new Kindle users.

Here is the process for checking out a library eBook for Kindle:

  • Visit your library’s ‘Virtual Branch’ website
  • Browse and check out a Kindle book.
  • Click the ‘Get for Kindle’ button. This opens the Amazon.com website. You may be required to sign in with your Amazon.com account if you are not already logged in.
  • Select a Kindle device or Kindle reading app. Click the ‘Get library book’ button and sync your device or app to download the book, or choose to send it to your device via USB.
  • An active Wi-Fi connection is required for wireless delivery to a Kindle device.  If your Kindle is not Wi-Fi capable or you do not have an active Wi-Fi connection, read Amazon’s instructions for transferring files via USB.

Kindle compatibility with library eBooks also takes full advantage of Amazon’s Whispersync technology.  If you check out the eBook again at a later date or choose to purchase the eBook from the Kindle Store, all of your notes, bookmarks and highlights will be preserved.  The last page read will also be synced between your Kindle and free Kindle reading apps.

For more details, please check the Help pages and FAQs on your library’s web site.

Brianne Carlon is a public relations specialist at OverDrive.

84 Responses to “Library eBooks now available for Amazon® Kindle”

  1. Kim

    Yay!!! So excited this is finally happening. I’ve been putting off buying an e-reader because of this. I think it’s a win-win for everyone. Amazon will end up getting more people buying ebooks, libraries will get more people using their services, and Overdrive will benefit as well. I have some overdue library books to return today and will be giving a donation check along with paying my fine just as a thank you for providing such a great service.

  2. JudyR

    I am SO excited to finally borrow books onto my Kindle! Hope the updating happens quickly!

  3. Ryan

    Do you expect this service to be extended to Canada? If so, is there a timeline in place? Most of my local public libraries already use the overdrive system.


  4. Coleman

    I’m excited for American Kindle owners; any chance this service will be coming to Canada?

  5. Pat

    I cannot get the book to download if I am using the iPhone for the entire process. I have successfully downloaded a Kindle format onto the iPad when following the entire process on teh iPad…but the when using the iPhone (and my Droid friends had the same problem)..we get stuck on the Amazon page with a download that never finishes. We get the spinning disc, then nothing. I have seen nothing in your promotional material that warns of this…we librarians will be explaining this quirk to a lot of customers. I know that the work around is to be on Amazon’s page on a PC and send the item to the mobile device…but many library customers these days do not own PC’s; they do all their online on their mobile devices.

  6. Don

    Will the dictionary application be available for epub books, or just for Amazon-purchased books?

  7. putiye

    This is exciting news. Can i just ask if this will be implemented in countries outside US? If yes, when can we expect that to happen?


  8. Brianne Carlon

    Hi everyone! We are working with Amazon to expand the service outside the US; however, there are no solid plans to announce at this time.

    Pat, I will forward your issue to our support team and hopefully they can find a solution.

    Don, the dictionary application will work on library eBooks for Kindle just as it would for any other Kindle book.


  9. Sarah

    So excited about this! Will you have updated PR materials for your library partners up anytime soon? We can make them inhouse, but yours are so much nicer!

  10. Stephen K

    I have echo Pat’s issue above. We deal with many patrons who access content exclusively through their mobile devices, and clicking “Get for Kindle” from the Downloads page takes you the an Amazon page with a “Click to Buy” button in lieu of the “Get library book” button. Dangerous territory. This happened on both iOS and Droid.

    ALSO– is there any way to get an Advanced Search option added the mobile-formatted MyMediaMall website? Without advanced searching options, the mobile-formatted MyMediaMall website is utterly useless for anything other than browsing.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Stephen, I am sending your issue to our support team (support@overdrive.com). They can help solve the issue.

  11. Bob NH

    Can’t wait for you to activate Manchester, NH! I went to the site as soon as I heard the news, but sadly, no Kindle update yet. Please add it soon! As soon as I see it’s live, I’ll put the word out to everyone I can in the area.


  12. Darrell

    Just wondering if I will be able to recheck out a book after it expires if I didn’t manage to finish it in the allotted time.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Darrell, you can renew the title. However, if there is a wait list for it, you will need to add yourself to the wait list. There is no auto renew.

  13. Renee Romanoff

    I could not check out any eBook titles on my Android at all using the “Get eBooks” feature. I got the message “these formats are not available on your device”. When I switched to the desktop view on my mobile phone, I had the same experience as others have stated above. Where I was sucessful was using my desktop, checking out a Kindle eBook and receiving the message that the next time I synced my Android, my book would be available. The book was there on my Kindle app under archive. Hope this helps the support team, as I know we would all like the experience to be sucessful for our Kindle owning or app patrons.

  14. leslie

    I checked out kindle book with overdrive on my android tablet and was directed to Amazon with only option to purchase with one click. What is going on?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Leslie, sorry for the issues you experienced. At this time, Kindle books cannot be downloaded directly on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows phones. As a result, users will not be able to browse or checkout Kindle books on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows phones; however, Kindle Books can still be sent to the Kindle Reading App from a desktop or tablet. Kindle books are supported on the iPad and Android tablets running v3.0 (or newer). OverDrive has removed the ‘Switch to Desktop’ link on our mobile sites. This was done to prevent users from trying to check out a Kindle title from their device as Amazon cannot support the library loan feature on their mobile website. -Brianne

  15. Louise Dallas

    Will I be able to download audio books to my kindle from OverDrive I am so happy I have been counting the days til this was available.Thanks so much.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Louise, library audiobooks are not supported for the Kindle at this time. -Brianne

  16. Sarah Campbell

    About Whispersync, I just highlighted a sentence and added a note in an Overdrive ebook, then returned the ebook early, then checked it out again. It did not retain my highlight & note, nor my last page read. How is this supposed to work?

  17. Kimberly Turner

    #7 Pat & # 16 Stephen K – I have same issues. “An Amazon page with a “Click to Buy” button in lieu of the “Get library book” button. Dangerous territory.” I get same results on my iPhone. I am getting questions from our users and am unable to assist them.
    I am so excited to have the capability to use my Kindle with OverDrive, now if I could get it to work…

  18. Ian Kirkby

    OK great news for US library patrons in the US but when is it coming to UK Libraries?
    Amazon just launched their new version Kindle in the UK too (but not the FIRE) so I’m sure many of our library customers in Edinburgh will receive a Kindle for Christmas, particularly given the price point. We wan’t these residents to access our library content.

  19. Jane Chambers

    Excited to use this service. Confusing instructions, but just did download a book. Instructions were so confusing that I don’t think I can do it again. I tried. Maybe they could make the instructions easier. Perhaps this 5th grade teacher could help with making easy-to-use instructions.

  20. Kim

    Brianne…I also wondered why I wasn’t able to browse and checkout Kindle books on my iPhone. I would like to buy the new $99 Kindle with wireless for my children for Christmas but admit that it will be a pain if they’re not able to check out Kindle books right from their Kindles. Do you know whether you can browse and checkout Kindle books directly from a Kindle with wifi?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hello Kim. At this time, you will be able to deliver eBooks to your Kindle or free Kindle apps from a PC or Mac. We hope to expand mobile access in the future. Please keep checking back for updates. -Brianne

  21. Michelle

    Kindle does not allow Wi-Fi download for free library books. USB connection is required to read library books.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Michelle: An active Wi-Fi connection is required for wireless delivery to a Kindle device. If your Kindle is not Wi-Fi capable or you do not have an active Wi-Fi connection, read Amazon’s instructions for transferring files via USB. Please write support@overdrive.com if you are having trouble doing so. -Brianne

  22. Bill A

    Your instructions for getting a public library book onto the kindle app for iPad seems to require me to connect my iPad to the computer and sync. The only thing I know how to sync with is iTunes. This does not seems to work.

    “Select a Kindle device or Kindle reading app. Click the ‘Get library book’ button and sync your device or app to download the book, or choose to send it to your device via USB.”

    I can get the deliver to my … Page on my iPad and it shows my iPad in the list of devices to deliver to. Can I utilize the wifi connection? When I try this a message saying successfully delivered comes up, but nowhere can I find the book. Have even looked in the archived list – nothing.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks for any help.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Bill, sorry for the issue you are experiencing. The Kindle book should be delivered to your iPad Kindle app via wifi and show up when you sync. I am sending your information to our support team and they will help figure this out. Thanks for writing. -Brianne

  23. Bob Wise

    I work in the Idaho Springs Public Library, in Idaho Springs, CO. We are frequently asked how patrons can check their e-books (on their Kindle) back in early.
    Relying on the automatic return at the end of the lending period limits the number of e-books fast readers can use.
    So please help me help them…how do they return books early from their Kindles?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hello Bob, Here are basic instructions for returning Kindle titles early: Log into your Amazon Account and click on Manage Your Kindle. In your queue of titles, click on the Action button on the right and select Return this book. Hope this helps! -Brianne

  24. A Bokuno

    Using the Dolphin HD web-browser on an Android 2.2 device, I was able to set the user agent to “Desktop” and complete the checkout process without resorting to a desktop PC. The user agent is set under Settings -> Dolphin Settings -> User Agent. The Dolphin browser is available in both the Android Market and the Apple App Store (though I haven’t test it on an iOS device).

  25. Bill Watterson

    How do I return a Kindle book when I have finished it before the allotted time so that someone on the wish list may get it earlier?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Bill, Here are basic instructions for returning Kindle titles early: Log into your Amazon Account and click on Manage Your Kindle. In your queue of titles, click on the Action button on the right and select Return this book. Hope this helps! -Brianne

  26. Brad

    The initial rollout of Kindle titles was great. Now we are seeing some books available as EPUB only (Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 for instance). Will these titles eventually have Kindle counterparts or is it something to do with the publisher (Knopf). Thanks!

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Brad, Amazon and OverDrive are working together to have all newly published content updated with Kindle availability. We expect to have the catalog refreshed with additional availability of Kindle titles in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience. -Brianne

  27. roxann goehner

    i am having trouble finding libraries who offer the digital services for my kindle, i live in atchison, ks. my local library does not offer this,,where can i go to find a library that does?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Roxann, visit search.overdrive.com and enter your zipcode under ‘Find a Library.’ This will show you a list of libraries near you that offer the OverDrive service. Hope this helps! -Brianne

  28. John Staus

    Was nice. The authors that had kindle book available to borrow from the library are no longer available. I had kindle books on a hold but when the became available this weekend the kindle format was no longer availabe. There are still kindle books availabe in the library but not for the author I want.

  29. Alison Ripley

    Can you tell me what kindle devices i can download overdrive to? I want to be able to get library books directly to the device without going through the computer first.

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Alison, at this time you will need to check out a title with your library card using a desktop or laptop computer. The Kindle book will then be transferred wirelessly to your Kindle (with Wi-Fi) or Kindle Fire after you ‘Get for Kindle.’ -Brianne

  30. Jennifier Livingston

    My husband loves audiobooks and I have taught him how to get them to his iPod. I got him a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I cannot get a clear answer if he will be able to get audiobooks on the Fire. Can you help?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Jennifer, the Kindle Fire does list MP3 as a compatible format. However, these may not be compatible with your OverDrive service at this time. I hope this helps. -Brianne

  31. Autumn Batman

    I have been unable to get Overdrive’s eBooks to download directly to Kindles that have keyboards at the bottom (Kindle Basic). Once I get to the point that moves from Overdrive to Amazon (Get it on Kindle) it says that multiple browser pages are not supported. Is there a way to get around this?

    I have successfully downloaded things onto Kindle Fire. Our other patrons with Kindles, however, are understandably upset that they would have to use a computer. Many of our patrons bought their kindles to use instead of computers. Also is there any word on when other eReaders will support direct downloads?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hello Autumn, I have sent the details of your issue to our support team who should be contacting you with a solution. Patrons with a Kindle Fire can browse, check out and download on the device be simply visiting your library website in their browser. The Sony Wi-Fi also supports direct downloads. -Brianne

  32. Jennifier Livingston

    I am so excited! Just received my Fire and downloaded an audiobook! Thrilled!!! Yes, it is MP3

  33. Lzach

    I have been unable to get Overdrive’s eBooks to download directly to Kindles that have keyboards at the bottom (Kindle Basic). Once I get to the point that moves from Overdrive to Amazon (Get it on Kindle) it says that multiple browser pages are not supported. Is there a way to get around this?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hello Lzach, I apologize for the inconvenience. I have sent your query to our support team, and they will reach out to you with a response shortly. -Brianne

  34. Mike Mayfield

    Brianne, I hope I am not asking a question you have already answered. I have a Fire, and cannot find an Android app for Overdrive. Is it coming soon? Is there a workaround to get a library book down to my Fire? I want eBooks, not audio files.

    • Brianne Carlon

      At this time, the OMC for Android app is not supported on the Kindle Fire. You can download Kindle formats to your device by taking the following steps:

      1. Visit the website of a U.S. library that offers digital services from OverDrive.
      2. Check out a Kindle book (library card required).
      3. Click on “Get for Kindle.” You will then be directed to Amazon.com to redeem your public library loan. You may be required to login to your Amazon.com account — or create a new account — if you’re not already logged in.
      4. Choose to read the book on your Kindle device, free reading app, or Kindle Cloud Reader.

      For additional information, please visit:

  35. Eric

    Can you get in touch with the Grand Prairie, Texas public library and get your service started with them – they seem to be lagging at this time.


  36. Lisa

    Is there a timeline of when Library ebooks will be available in Canada for the kindle?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hi Lisa, at this time there is no solid date for releasing Kindle books outside the US. Please continue to check back for updates. -Brianne

  37. Marybeth

    Is the Kindle Fire compatible for audio books? If so, how can you get them?

  38. Acelin

    Seconded on the earlier comment about kindle support in Canada. What’s the timeline looking like for that?

    • Brianne Carlon

      Hello Acelin, At this time there is no news on Kindle books being provided outside the US. Please check back for updates. -Brianne

  39. Mary Lou

    Is there a procedure to do audiobooks from my home library, thru overdrive.

  40. Kevin

    I received a Kindle Fire for Christmas and have placed holds on library ebooks, checked them out, read them and returned them all directly from my Kindle Fire device.
    I’m very happy with the large selection of ebooks available from my library in Kindle format ( using Overdrive).
    It was a little tricky to figure out the process at first, but my library emailed me step by step instructions on how to place holds, check out, and return Kindle editions. I love my Kindle Fire!

    • Michael Lovett

      Good question, Nancy. To return a Kindle book, log in to you account at Amazon.com, select “Your Account,” then select the “Manage My Kindle” link under Digital Content. From there, choose the drop-down menu next to the appropriate title and select the option to return to library. (It’s not yet possible to return titles directly from Kindle.) ~Mike

  41. Lydia

    Is there a work around available for Kindle basic users to download ebooks directly using wifi (ie. not via their computers). I saw this issue brought up several times, but wasn’t sure what the final answer was. I’m a librarian and would like to better help my patrons. Thank you!

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Lydia-
      As you’ve discovered, Kindle basic users currently must browse and check out titles using a computer-based browser before downloading to their device. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

    • David Burleigh

      Hello – Kindle compatibility with library eBooks is only available in the U.S. We have no further information at this time for Kindle compatibility in other countries.

  42. RuthAnn Royer

    I was able to download a book from our local library (Lincoln City Library) , but I am told “cannot open file” The file has a .odm designation. What should I be using to open it? How do I get an app for this?

  43. brenda lay

    I own a kindle and live in Canada. I want to be able to access books through my local library on my kindle. How do I do it. It is easy for Kobo but says it is not possible on the kindle. ?????

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Brenda- Kindle-format eBooks are currently only available to library patrons in the United States. We hope that the success of the Kindle program for U.S. libraries will allow us to build out to international partners. Unfortunately, we do not have further details at this time. Best, Mike

  44. Paul Woodward

    How to return a kindle/ Overdrive eBook before the “automatic expiration?”
    Why worry? I cannot check out another book during the 14-30 days even if I delete the book from Kindle.

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Paul, if you go to “Manage your kindle” at amazon you can, in fact, return the title. This will enable you to check out another title. Be sure to click return and not simply ‘Delete’. Cheers, Adam.

  45. Irene Brennan

    I have a home in Florida and in the UK. I have downloaded a kindle book from my US library to my kindle but will I still be able to do that when I return to the UK for few months?

    • Adam Sockel

      Hi Irene, you can access your digital libraries from anywhere in the world. So when you’re in the UK you can still access the kindle titles from your Florida library. Simply log on with your library card and you’ll be all set!