The good and bad of a hot new device

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As you now know, I’m a big fan of gadgets. I jumped on the iPod bandwagon years ago with my iPod mini and have since upgraded. Not to mention, every time I see a commercial for a cool new cell phone, I wonder when I will be eligible for a new phone. Luckily for me that… Read more »

OverDrive Download Station v3.2 coming soon

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We are excited to announce the release of OverDrive Download Station v3.2, scheduled for September 30! With the new version, users can transfer most OverDrive WMA Audiobooks to Apple devices such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPod touch. Additionally, now that iTunes 9 is available, iPod shuffle users can transfer audiobooks to their devices using Download… Read more »

What device are you?

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So, you want a portable device for digital audiobooks, music, and video. Which one should you get? That’s really a question only you can answer, but it’s easier if you have some background information before you begin your search… Think about the primary use of the device: Will this be for audiobooks only or does… Read more »

Wireless Downloads with OverDrive Media Console for Windows Mobile

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Your library’s download service just became even more portable with the release of OverDrive Media Console for Windows Mobile. Now your patrons can wirelessly download audiobooks, music, and video to their Windows Mobile phones from your library’s download website and play the titles with the same superior navigation features of OverDrive’s desktop software I’ve already… Read more »

Training Month kicks off today!

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OverDrive’s 3rd annual Training Month officially kicks off this morning! We’re thrilled at the registration to date, and there are still spaces available in many of our sessions. If you’re not already registered, what are you waiting for? It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your download service for free and online. You can… Read more »

Sony announces Library Finder for the Sony Reader

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Did you hear the news? Sony held a major press conference this morning at New York Public Library announcing a new Library Finder powered by OverDrive. This means you’ll see increased traffic to your download website from Sony Reader owners looking for free PDF and EPUB eBook downloads. Sony also announced its first wireless Sony Reader… Read more »

Sony Reader: OverDrive to Promote Open Standards for eBooks

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Did you know that Adobe EPUB and PDF eBooks already in your download collection are compatible with the Sony Reader? Today, OverDrive and Sony Electronics, Inc. solidified their relationship by announcing a marketing agreement.  Read the full press release. This is good news for libraries because it’s a win for “open standards” for eBooks. Sony and OverDrive are promoting the new… Read more »