Publishers frequently ask us how they can gain mindshare and visibility through our channels. We have a host of marketing options already available to publishers including eNewsletter features, pre-sale, and download standing order plans. We know that publishers, however, have their own initiatives and campaigns in their digital strategies.

In the run up to the World Cup, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. and Sony came to us with a big idea. With the World Cup imminent, and book suppliers & retailers alike venturing to guess folks will be more focused on their TVs rather than cracking open a book, HarperCollins UK and Sony brainstormed a joint campaign to morph World Cup Fever into eBook sales. The deal? Trade in an old book for a £20-off coupon towards the purchase of a new Reader Pocket Edition, plus a voucher for five free eBooks from HarperCollins UK. They’re calling the joint promotion ‘Love Football/Hate Football,’ and have created corresponding download book packages for fans and foes alike.

So where does OverDrive come in? For starters, we’re fulfilling downloads of every free HarperCollins UK eBook through the promotion. We’re hosting the custom website for the promotion. OverDrive is also providing the shopping cart functionality, and processing the transactions. The promotion runs through July 11th, when the World Cup ends.

Do you have a big idea for a campaign? We’d love to help make it a success. Tell us about it.

(And, for the record, we love cheering on our teams during the World Cup – but there’s plenty of time for reading between matches.)

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