“For the purpose of publishing, the cell phone is a more powerful medium than paper, e-readers, magazines and even the Internet.” – Liu Chengyong of China Publishing Group, from Publishing Perspectives

It’s true: cell phones are arguably the most prominent portable device on the market. Unlike a dedicated eBook reader, a cell phone is considered a necessity in modern society across the globe. Worldwide cell phone users are 4.6 billion strong, says the U.N. telecommunications agency.

So how do you reach these billions of users with your eBook content? EPUB is a great start, as it will enable your eBooks to translate to a small screen with reflowable text. OverDrive has brought digital audiobooks, music and video to a plethora of mobile devices with the OverDrive Media Console apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and other smartphone platforms. And very soon, we’ll be rolling out an updated apps to include an EPUB eBook reader. Stay tuned here on our blog for an announcement of our partnership with a major mobile device and communications company.

Are cell phones really the most powerful medium in publishing? What have you done in your business to optimize eBooks for cell phones? We want to hear from you.

Dan Stasiewski is a marketing associate at OverDrive.

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