OverDrive supplies eBooks to dozens of major booksellers around the world. As our partnerships expand and more customers purchase digital books online, helping our retail partners determine which eBook readers work best with OverDrive-supplied content will be an important part of our shared strategy.

Starting today, we’ll occasionally repost device review excerpts from our Digital Library Blog so that our retail partners can also gain insight into the latest eReading technology.

Our first review focuses on the Pandigital Novel, which is compatible with EPUB and PDF eBooks supplied by OverDrive.

From the Digital Library Blog:

The (Pandigital) Novel runs anywhere from $199.99 on their website to $169 in a store.  If you are looking for a cheap iPad replacement though, you will find yourself wishing you had coughed up a few hundred dollars more. However if you are interested in reading eBooks and also having the ability to use other multimedia functions, it’s not a bad choice. Read more…

For more information on compatible eBook reading devices, visit our Device Resource Center.

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