I’ve been a professional writer for ten years, but I’ve never been this excited before.

My name is J.A. Konrath. I’ve written eight novels and numerous short stories about a Chicago cop named Jack Daniels. I’ve also written horror under the name Jack Kilborn.

My books have done well, but I never was able to reach the widespread audience I’d always hoped for. Though I’ve won a few awards, and fans seem to enjoy my writing, my sales were always limited by the two main problems with traditional publishing: Cost and Distribution.

Twenty-five dollars for a hardcover book is a lot of money. And frankly, I’m not sure if a book is worth that much. A novel is eight hours of entertainment. Compare that to buying the entire first season of the TV show 24, which only costs ten bucks and is (you guessed it) twenty-four hours of entertainment, plus extras.

Even paperbacks cost too much. Eight dollars for a book that can be read twice, and then the spine is all crooked and gnarly?

Because books are expensive, many bookstores and libraries don’t carry my print titles. This is a shame, because the genres I write in (thriller, mystery, horror, sci-fi) have universal appeal, and shouldn’t be limited to large cities.

Then eBooks came along.

Digital books don’t have the same costs associated with print. They cost zero to produce, and to ship.

You might think publishers will capitalize on this, and offer their ebooks at lower prices. But so far, that hasn’t been the case.

So I’ve decided to release many of my books on my own. That means I can keep the prices of my eBooks low, so more places can carry them.

How low?

My novels sell for $3.99 or less. Novellas and individual stories are only 99 cents.

And unlike print, which wears out, an eBook is forever. It won’t get that crooked spine. You can’t rip the pages. The cover never needs to be replaced.

Through OverDrive, I’ve recently released twenty-two eBook titles. These include my horror novels Trapped and Endurance, my technothrillers Origin, Disturb, and The List, my mystery Shot of Tequila, and numerous short stories and story collections.

As an author, I want to be read by as many people as possible.

OverDrive has given me that opportunity.

J.A. Konrath has sold over 200,000 eBooks under his name, and under the name Jack Kilborn. With author Blake Crouch he wrote SERIAL, which has been downloaded close to half a million times. You can visit him at www.jakonrath.com.

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